What would you name your own blade in bleach

Topic started by Animeking96 on Feb. 1, 2013. Last post by crushing2012 2 years ago.
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I want to now not only what you would name it. Also does it have a bankai form? Also what would be the phrase to activate the power of the blade?

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My blade would be "The redeemer"

The Bankai form would be some sort of illusion that makes you see and fight your worst fear.

The phrase to activate it is: "Redeemer, reveal our sins !"

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I'd call my blade "Holy Judge". In Shikai form It can collect the spiritual energy, transform it in electricity, and release It.

In Bankai mode the blade evaporates in the atmosphere. My Bankai temporarily changes the weather, summons lightning from the sky to blind, stun or simply disintegrate the ennemy. The lightning can also be used as a shield.

"Pass the sentence, Holy Judge"

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Hunt, Corazón de León!

I can't think of a Bankai for my zanpakutou right now. :\

Post by crushing2012 (36 posts) See mini bio Level 10

my zanpakto would be named "Roshikaze" it means King of the Winds... I thought up all the this stuff while I was playing a bleach sim on SL lol

And when its in bankai form both the user and the enemy would be transported to a world of wind and the user would take on the appearance of a Dragon...

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