What was the first or first few Anime that got you hooked??

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:D Childhood and early teen memories...Dragon Ball, Sailormoon, Cardcaptor Sakura, and InuYasha was mine.

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I watched Dragonball Z, Speed Racer, Digimon, Voltron and had a VHS of Star Birds when I was a kid, but I didn't now they were anime at the time. The first few I watched knowing what anime was were, Full Metal Panic!, Cowboy Bebop and Trigun. I've been a anime fan ever since.

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My first couple of blogs here on AV cover this subject in greater detail, but I don't mind repeating myself. For me, I was hooked from the get-go as a child with my very first Americanized anime, Battle of the Planets. This was first of a couple of Westernizations of the Japanese superhero show, Gatchaman. I don't know if it created the standard 5-Man (well, often 4 guys and 1 girl) template but it's certainly on of the earliest since it originally aired in 1972. Later, Robotech began airing on US stations. It was, again, a Westernization of the TV series, Super Dimension Space Fortress Macross. The Robotech series also included Super Dimensional Cavalry Southern Cross retitled "The Robotech Masters Saga" and Genesis Climber Mospeada as "The New Generation". They didn't show The Masters Saga too often where I lived, but the first and third were on for quite some time. Years later I would watch their original versions.

The first Japanese language with English subtitles series that I can recall are the Bubblegum Crisis OVAs. I may have seen the movie, Project A-ko before it, but it would have been so close in time that I usually count them together. After that it really becomes a blur with random episodes of Urusei Yatsura, The Dirty Pair and Saint Seiya enjoyed when I could find VHS tapes. For movies, I was watching Robot Carnival and Wings of Honneamise.

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Well I was away on holiday when the craze of animé took over in Liverpool (England). Came back everyone is talking about Pokémon and the trading cards. I was more of the out going type so this didn't bother me too much. Then it hit my birthday, we went into town and there right in front of me were a Pokémon box of cards. I thought, fck it, I'll get some. On that day 10 years ago I was consumed by Pokémon. That moved onto Dragonball Z. Either CN or Toonami were showing Dragonball Z from 1pm to 5pm and I happened to get into it around the Namek saga which may still be my favourite saga.

Then I began watching Toonami after that. I watched a few episodes of Tenchi Muyo! I enjoyed that. I was on and off with animé from then to 2010. During that time I had watched Eureka Seven and a few other shows.

However, it was around late 2010 that I got back into animé. I just had the need to watch Tenchi Muyo! Again. the type of person I am, I can find almost anything if I put the effort in. I found similar shows. Now instead of getting into animé after the series finishes I now where to look and can now watch them from the start.

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Before I knew what anime was, I loved Voltron, Saber Rider (the best), and Samurai Pizza cats as a child. The first things that got me hooked when I was aware of what anime was were Naruto, Cowboy Bebop, FMA, an older Gundam series that I continually forget the name of, DBZ (Buu Saga), and Evangelion.

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Sailor Moon, Shaman King, Naruto, Golden Boy and GTO

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@Azman: Nice!!! Those are pretty great Anime :) I never did see Speed Racer, Voltron, nor Star Birds then again, I'm not sure I ever heard of them before!

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@PenguinDust:That sounds intriguing! I'll have to add those to my list of what to check out. Which Anime would you place as your main top of all favorite though?

I have seen a few eps from these 3 that you mentioned though :) ; Urusei Yatsura, The Dirty Pair and Saint Seiya

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@Kiryoku8Touch: Well, I have a list detailing my favorites [My Personal Favorite Animes] with some brief explanations to why I like each show. Shows which aren't counted as "favorite" are described in these other lists [Rom-Coms & Other Stuff]. I like comedies more than any other genre so my list tends to reflect that. School Rumble is at the top of the list but those early shows I experienced make the grade as well. I still adore Urusei Yatsura and have sung its praise in a couple of old blogs. The Dirty Pair is in there, too. I was first introduced to the duo in their 1985 OVA, Affair on Nolandia followed by some American created comic books by American Adam Warren for Eclipse Comics. And, Macross is still close to my heart, too. I rewatched the series about a year and half ago as I began to fully explore the Macross franchise. I had seen Macross II and Macross Plus, but the rest was new to me. Between Macross and Gundam, I prefer Macross but that doesn't mean I have anything against the latter. I hope to cap off my Macross adventure with Macross Frontier soon.

Urusei Yatsura was created by manga artist extraordinaire Rumiko Takahashi. I read some of the English published manga back then too. She also created Ranma 1/2 and Inuyasha but my personal favorite from her is Maison Ikkoku. It's a 96 episode romantic comedy spanning 5 years in the character's lives. I don't think any studio these days would attempt such a production. I read last week that she's got a pair of live-action TV specials based on her anthology manga, Rumic Theater coming to Japanese TV this summer. Not too shabby for a 54 year-old cartoonist.

I really love the old stuff as well as the new. Shows like City Hunter, Captain Harlock. You're Under Arrest, Nadia The Secret of Blue Water and Galaxy Express 999 entertain me on a more personal level than something recent. I fully admit, nostalgia adds an additional element of joy when watching shows from that era.

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Full Metal Panic was the first anime that got me hooked. Although I'm rewatching Medabots now and it's actually hilarious, I didn't remember it being quite this funny.

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Dragonball Z, Inyuyasha, Yu yu Hakusho, Zoids, and Naruto(Towards the end of my childhood.)

Last but not least Tenchi Muyo. That show was amazing to me for some weird reason.

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SDF Macross and Mashin Hero Wataru.  Love went into hibernation for a while and was then reignited by Escaflowne.
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My first anime was Future Boy Conan, apart from that i remember seeing and loving Dr. Slump, Vickie the Vicking, Huckleberry finn, Dogtanian and the muskehounds, but what got me really hooked was Evangelion some years later.

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Oh man,nostalgia time. Roroni Kenshin,Inuyasha,Mobile Suit Gundam,Neon Genesis Evangalion,Cowboy Bebop,there is others but I can't remember. Those are what got my hooked on anime. I can't remember what the first anime was,I was still a kid,but those are where some of my earliest memories lie. I've been on break for the past couple of years. When I turned 19 I kind of stopped getting into it(more like didn't have the spare money or time to support it). Lately I havn't been working and Youtube has been my best friend,so I got back into it.

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The first anime I ever watched was My Little Sister Cant Be This Cute (oreimo) but the first one I got obsessed with was Ouran Highschool Host Club

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Highschool of the dead,Future Diaries,Fullmetal alchemist, soul eater ,black rock shooter,But my most favorite anime is......FAIRYTAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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before knowing what anime even was, at the age of five: Tigermask, Dai no daiboken, Slam Dunk, Detective Konan,Honō no Tōkyūji Dodge Danpei, Me And My Brother...

believe it or not, my entire family, would gather together to watch Detective Konan.

* Neuralgic goose bumps*

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Wait if this is first anime I ever watched without realising it was an anime then my answer is The New Adventures of Gigantor or Tetsujin 28. I think this was way back in 1995 or something, great anime at the time it's a real shame almost know one has heard of it.

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Online Now

The animes that got me hooked on

  • Pokemon on the UPN channel
  • Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon on Toonami

Yes, back in the old days, I thought Sailor Moon was awesome. I'm not ashamed at all.


Awesome! I loved Fairy Tail. I hope you enjoyed the weekly reports that my teammates and I do in this community. I'm looking forward to tonight's episode and where they meet that mysterious girl.

Oh! You posted some trivia questions. Sweet, I'll post them on this week's Fairy Tail report. Thank you so much!

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