What is your favourite Anime, and what got you into it

Topic started by CreamyGoodness on Dec. 13, 2008. Last post by PenguinDust 6 years, 1 month ago.
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Baki the grappler, got into it after hearing about on Asian underground same thing for Black Lagoon.
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My favorite right now is VKG but it changes with what I watch like Black blood brothers and way back it was speed racer,Big O and Gundam which are my starters
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Just the weirdness and how everything somewhat ties together.
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She was pretty.
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Trigun....Just Happend see Legato the first time made me thought that this show was pretty darn awesome.

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Despite my identity here, I've gotta go with Soul Eater.  Earlier this year, some guy on a chat window suddenly went "WHEN THE $%^%^%& ARE THEY GOING TO SUB SOUL EATER!?" so I'm thinking "what the hell is Soul Eater?  I do a few searches and sure enough, it's the best anime out there.  Amazing action, hilarious, it's only flaw being a weak story.  One Piece does take a close second though.
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TheDrifter said:

I blame Sparrow :P"
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Gurren Lagann. How did I get into it? I... Watched it... AND BECAME ENGULFED IN THE REAL SPIRIT OF MEN.
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Sigue said:
"Gurren Lagann. How did I get into it? I... Watched it... AND BECAME ENGULFED IN THE REAL SPIRIT OF MEN."
I seem to be getting that a lot about this series. Im assuming it's shoujo?
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Sorry to revive this but my opinion is way too important.
I'm between Trigun, Gurren, and Spice and Wolf. Although Trigun is usually my favorite.

Edit: I happened to watch an episode of Trigun on Adult Swim (same with many of my favorite animes), couldn't actually finish the series until years later when I figured out how to work the darn internet. Both Gurren and Spice and Wolf are due to my recent anime binge. I found myself with nothing to do for a week and so I decided to check these out since I heard some interesting stuff about them. Didn't disappoint, I must say. I can't believe it but I think I might be being drawn away from comics.
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Dragon Ball Z will always be my favourite, may give some others a go though.

Pokemon got me into anime I guess, although I was very young and didn't even know what anime was. Pokemon was just a cartoon that EVERYONE watched.
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lucky star is my favorite, and my big afro head friend told me it was awesome and showed me the theme song. and i thought it looked crazy, and didnt bother, then i didnt have anything better to do one day and i watched it on youtube! IT WAS SO FUN! i love that show!
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This will certainly date me, but I started with Battle of the Planets.  I used to watch it everyday when I got home from school.  I had a classmate at school who was also into the series and we'd talk about it and sometimes act out scenes (no cosplay, but we did make wrist transformers from construction paper and tape).  Of course, the real name of the show was Science Ninja Team Gatchaman, but I wouldn't learn that for years.   I don't remember Starblazers (Space Battleship Yamato) airing on locale TV, even though I think it was in syndication about the same time, and both Speed Racer and Gigantor were before my time.  So, it was Battle of the Planets that kicked off my long time obsession.  Additionally, that Christmas, i got a bunch of Z Mazinger toys complete with good old fashioned choking hazards! 

The well ran dry for a long time after that until Robotech started to air, and then later Voltron.  In the late '80s I started seeking out shows on videoI was living and going to school in LA at the time, and my friends and I used to go to comic book conventions at the Shrine Auditorium and anime festivals up in Pasadena. The Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Do You Remember Love? and the first Bubblegum Crisis reignited my passions.  We were all playing a lot of Cyberpunk and Shadowrun at the time, as well, and the characteristics of anime meshed well with those old RPGs.  Together, we saw Akira in the theaters. [My god, I am one gigantic geek!]

So, anyway Sailor Moon, Dragonball, NGE, a lot of Viz comics, yadda yadda yadda...and here I am today, working my way through Daphne in the Brilliant Blue, filling up my Netflix queue with stuff that piqued my interest, and chatting it up here.

So what's my favorite? Well, it flips around constantly but if I had to choose just one, I'd say Slayers.  I tend to prefer comedies and light adventure stories over depressing, angst-riden "serious" tales.  That's why my number two choice (sometimes #1 depending on my mood) is Martian Successor Nadesico.
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