What if Guy and Rock lee came stumbling into the HTC?

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I was wondering about this a lot, so I wanted to know what others may think of this. Two Characters from Naruto, Might Guy and Rock Lee, come into DBZ's World. They land in Kami's lookout, where all the Z fighters are, including Goku. Somehow they were being expected, and goku offers them the opportunity to train in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber (HTC) with him, Krillin, Yamcha, Tien, Piccolo, Vegeta, Trunks, Goten, and Ultimate Gohan for a day in the real world, which is obvioulsy a year in the HTC. What if there was a gravity machine for the entire chamber that goes all the way up to 500X earth's Gravity? What do you think would happen after this? do you think the two shinobi would last training under high levels of Gravity? Would they learn how to use ki instead of Chakra? Would the other Naruto Characters get jealous of them if they could use ki? Would the two get lighter in their homeworld? What do you think the results would be if they came out after one full year in the HTC mastering movement under 500X Earth's Gravity and possibly learned how to use ki?

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interesting, if  gai and rock lee  are able to learn ki and train  at  htc ,they will become uber powerful  and no one will able to challenge  them not even  naruto,juubidara or kaguya can fight them 
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@deadman323 said:

interesting, if gai and rock lee are able to learn ki and train at htc ,they will become uber powerful and no one will able to challenge them not even naruto,juubidara or kaguya can fight them

We don't even know what Kaguya can do yet....

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Under 500 times gravity, their bodies would be crushed from the immense pressure. Yamcha at post-Frieza saga level moving about in 300 times gravity was barely able to shut off the gravity machine giving off that pressure as his body couldn't handle that much strain. If you want to give Naruto characters gravity training, better to start off small.

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They die.

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They probably couldn't go straight to 500x but those two could go higher than most Naruto characters. They already do intense weight training. Rock Lee stood on top of that statue at the Chunin Exam and dropped his leg weights and they were so heavy that the entire place shook and people lost their balance.

As far as learning ki, are these identical concepts in the real world? Rock Lee can't mold it into anything other than physical strength. Maybe Guy can do more.

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