What grinds your gears?

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For me its insurmountable amount of nationalism... An example would be Baki the grappler, Yujiro and Baki are both badasses, In fact most characters are badass, I actually like the art and i love the fights and the unrealistic over the top strength feats, But the amount of pomposity is greater than that of Kim Jong-iL, Japanese martial arts are superior and japanese warriors are the greatest, The world boxing champion got crippled by a 15 year old japanese boy and then got toyed around by a 13 year old, There is not a single warrior from the north american or south american continent that can compete in the lowest division of the Tokyo battle arena(Where the strongest humans in the world fight) and many, many other things that just aren't right. If it didn't have all that bullcrap it would've probably been in my top 5 anime list, It's actually pretty good if you ignore all that.

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