what character do you think you match perfectly and why?

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I think i match perfectly with...Lucy Heartfilia because we both have the same hobby:Reading books,and we both like to write scripts.Another...Our favorite food is:Spaghetti. XD

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Fun thread! :D

Hmm, I cant find a perfect match that resembles me perfectly, but for now I'd say Popura from Wagnaria! reminds me of myself. That's because we've both got a bit of a height complex, and for always being mistaken of being way younger that we actually are. I'd also say that I take my jobs seriously the way she does :P

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We need to moved this thread to Fairy Tail. Thanks Daniel.

It's Happy for me because I like to tease my brothers, sister, and my friends.

Nice idea!

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@takashichea: Are you sure? didn't say this thread was limited to just Fairy Tail characters and the thread title doesn't say that either. The anime forum seems fine to me, or it could be moved to General Discussion to include manga characters as well.

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My bad. I didn't read it clearly

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Hmm, there are a few ways to approach this question; who is like me and who would be best for me. For the like-me perspective, Taizou Hasegawa of Gintama. For those who don't know, he's the aging ex-government employee who now complains a lot about about his life. I'm not as glum as he is by any stretch, but I do believe (in an animated reality) we could share a drink and get along well. For the best-for-me position, I'd say Olivier Armstrong of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. Basically, someone to kick you in the ass so that you don't wind up drinking the day away with Taizou Hasegawa.

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I think King Bradley.... because I have anger issues but I keep them inside and avoid exploding but at the same time am a nice guy... so yeah I say King Bradley "Wrath".
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