What anime/hentai/ have you recently purchased or are going to?

Topic started by justanormalguy on Dec. 28, 2011. Last post by Neurotic 3 years, 2 months ago.
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Recently purchased: Complete series of Kaze no Stigma on DVD.

Going to purchase: I have my eye on Needless and a few Bible Black DVDs.

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Crap.... posted this in wrong forum....

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I recently purchased hetalia: paint it white on DVD. No hentai for me though
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This will be moved to the "Just Anime" forum, since it deals with the anime series from several franchises.

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For December I picked up [US Releases] Soul Eater BD (series), Corpse Princess DVD (series), Hell Girl Season 3 DVD (series), Amagami SS DVD (part 2), [JP Releases] Milky Holmes OVA BD, Panty & Stocking Daten City Art Book, [AUS Releases] and Welcome to Irabu's Office DVD (series).

I don't have anything on the radar for January but in February I'm gonna get the AUS release of Usagi Drop on DVD and the JP Hayate no Gotoku movie on BD.

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Anime wise I have been getting the remastered DBZ series, I had too:P.  There have been other series I have been meaning to get like Birdy the Mighty. 
As for hentai well, lets just say 2011 was a great year for it. I have currently been watching TSF Monogatari people who liked Kampfer would like this too animation reminded me of Accelerando which is a win in my book. Also I have been watching Euphoria It is a crazy perverted version Saw and I love it Great animation and I cant wait for the second one. Anyone who knows me knows I love the psychotic stuff be it anime or hentai.
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Just bought Ramen Fighter Miki off Amazon.
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The last anime related purchase I made with part 5 of FMA Brotherhood. So it's been a while since I've made a purchase, though at some point I may pick up the DMC anime, I think there's a cheap version coming out soon(or it's out already).

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Hentai, really?

I planning on buying anime I have watch online (still have a long ways to go)

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I intend on buying Gurrenn Lagann and Baccano soon. I try to buy as many series that I watched online and loved as I can get on the European market, which is pretty crappy. The last I did buy was The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya. Not a fan of hentai so none of that.

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