Watch Blue Drop: The Abridged Series So I Don't Have To!

Topic started by John_Martone on March 25, 2010. Last post by GrandMarshal 5 years ago.
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Okay, so Ana has twice challenged me to watch "Blue Drop: The Abridged Series" and I can no longer resist.
However, I thought to share the experience with you all, and thus put the episodes here, where you can watch and commiserate as well. So that said, tell me what you think, there's safety in numbers.

What is Blue Drop?
Blue Drop is a Japanese science fiction yuri manga created by Akihito Yoshitomi...
All the Blue Drop stories revolve around a war between humanity and the Arume, an alien race consisting solely of women.

/me begins watching
Post by John_Martone (2,992 posts) See mini bio Level 10
Hmm... I couldn't find a second episode, the audio was pretty terrible
and well, I guess it had a moment or two in it, but I feel like it was all build up and no real meat.
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I can't really find myself laughing with this. I can only laugh at an Abridged Series if the anime title used for it is so bad, that it deserves to be laughed it when folks are poking fun of it with their own humorous take, like Yu-gi-oh and Naruto's Abridged titles. If the title used is remotely decent like Blue Drop, then I can't really find myself laughing.
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Not a good abridged series, mainly becouse theres only like two people who do the voices for all the charactors, and there about 12 years old. The rickroll joke was funny... but that was all.
The only abridged series i think are done professionaly are yu-gi-oh and dragonball z.
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