Virtuous Queen Episode Eight.5: Queens Blade, OMG (Joey Styles)

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Ok, i know yall.

Remember im an Animation fan first. So when I hear NOTHING all weekend on the anime interwebs but Acid Boobies i got to see whats up.

And damn if im not shocked.

This is another Elven Lied, if not storywise but attuide wise.

But Queens Blade is something i remeber playing when it was once called (Yes, it was a game in the states LOOOOONG before it became this!) Dragons Blade. There were the mainstays of the whole fantisy world. But Dragons Blade wasnt a sucessful franchise as Magic later became.

So sometime later, they sold the Blade franchise to a Japanese company. It became semi successful once retooled and renamed as Queens Blade.

The fact its getting such attenction doesnt really suprise me in the slightest. Is it softcore (which from the looks of it - isnt - its used in acts of attacking and not sexual use) or is it the next stage of ani-crazyness like it was during the late 80's early 90's?

The lines between hentai acts and just ecchi acts are blurred. I think it started with Fate/Stay Night - an ero game thats wasnt really ero. It had a better story than one would think.

Could it be that the ero game makers maybe the only animation/design indies left in the Japanese metaculture? Thats isnt so - we have many new animation folks in this season than it has been in years. But the majority of them are in the ero or came from the ero side of the industry.

Could it be that the Japanese sexual revelution is yet heading into another stage?

Could it be that the VA's are getting desprete for better work? Could the Haruti delay cause a rift between the director and his VA's leading into Aya going into Queens Blade?

Could the cenorship seen way back when Marmo was on the air, head into a backlash that even the big boys of J-TV cannot control? It has happened before and the results are never pretty and it wasnt even about sex.

Could it be that the Otakus are sick and tired of being freaks and preds and just want to be "normal" freaks?

Could it just be the next big male fantisy?

Is this the next big franchise to make the governments go crazy?

Or is it something more strange and dark about this series?

I know though what it is.

Come on, not to hate on yall - but the site is called Anime Vice!

And this journal is called Virtious Queen.

But the site called Vice people are asking for Virture from this show. There cannot be.

Its a ho show folks. Just like Rumble Roses was, like Dead or Alive was. Nothing more or less. There are and should be more complaints about whats really going down in the industry in the states now than whats going on over there.

And there is no way it will make it here because were still anti human society. I like to see them try though but no US VA  would even try touching this...

And maybe thats why the series was made. And maybe thats why more will be like this. Maybe this particular studio doesnt want to deal with the US Otaku nonsense along with anti human senciblities that they and the mainstream media over here showcases.

I gave yall lots to think about - what say yall?

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I really don't understand what you're actually arguing other than we, as anime fans, should be disturbed by Queen's Blade. No one's asking for virtue from this show; I think the attraction to the show is the ridiculousness of the action and characters.  Queen's Blade is one of a kind; I don't think it's going to start a trend in anime. And what do you mean when you say the U.S. is an "anit-human society"? Last I check just about everyone living in the U.S. is considered human, I don't see how we can be against humans... and I really don't see how being an "anti-human society" led to the creation of something as crazy as Queen's Blade.
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Vice is by definition something of a guilty pleasure. In this site's case, it is meant to talk about anime as our hobby, not saying that we all like to steal clothes and kick baby chickens. So we can watch anime, and still seek virtue (which is something I doubt we're doing with this anime).
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Im glad im getting some responces to these so let me explain myself when i talk about these issues:

I made a post earlyer (but I didnt think it stuck in) about the series and I was comparing it to Family Guy - in the way it "offends" and doesnt give a damn that it does.

As for the US being a anti-human socitity - read that as anti female. I explained that in a post I did on my site and it goes like this: Why something that is used to make a baby grow, is now considered evil and destructive?" We use images of females as eather prudes or sex kittens and sadly we in this country dont see the person behind them. The Prude may had made that choice to become a prude, we dont turn them in to sex kittens. The sexual person may have made a choice to become sexual, but that doesnt not make the sexual person evil or the Prude good, the Prude has to prove she is a good person the same as the sexual. But the media wants to create this idea that women want to become all sexualized while at the same time the Religious folk want purity again and again. But both sides are wrong because what makes a woman whole is BOTH sides of these things. The Prude for the man she loves (or by choice) can use her skills in sexual matters (and other skills) to make herself whole. The sexual woman if she wants to have respect can use her personality and if she has it displine (yes, sex does take displine) to better herself and find a mate.

Since the media and the feminist movement play games with the natural order of woman hood, they create this "masculinsed" female (the ones you see in "Bad Girls Club" on VH1) and that isnt attractive at all. There is a reason why everyone is so enamored with Rhianna (and why I so much want to hurt Chris Brown) because she doesnt show this "masculinzed" female and that scares a lot of men to the point that they want to control them. If you watch the season of Top Model where Jael was on, she was the perfect style of female I am talking about (despite being for Abortion sadly) and they chouse Jasmine over her. And these type of games that the media makes hurts feminity to the point where when they become mothers, they dont have the self conficdence and sovernity to hold there own and take care of there kids. That leads into the many social problems we have today. A man can only do so much and they keep saying "deadbeat dad" so much.

I just want females to be themselfs prude, "whore" or otherwise. We have this problem with the teachers (female) in high school getting it on with the male students? Well thats because those females go back to the place where they were treated like they were human beings (or any semblance of it). The adult world in the US gives no semblance of indiviuality like it was back in the late 1990's. People were starting to ask questions about gender roles and of humanity but before things could be acted apon for real change - the boomers put a stop to it. (but thats for another time) I just want women to understand that your protectors are not really protecting youre intrests and they have to be indivisuals first and formost. Its the whole ECW thing man  (It wasnt all about pro entertainment!)

As for Vice and Virture - sarcasm kid! LOL.
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