Understanding the "Ah!My goddess" series and how it might end

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This series is like "I dream of Jeannie" or "Bewitched" in a way since the guy has a magical girlfriend or wife.Big difference here is that some guys might say there girlfriend is as beautiful as a goddess but this guy’s girlfriend is a literal goddess!.Even though Belldandy might seem way overidealized like a naive housewife from a 50’s era show or movie it’s b/c she’s based on the concept of the idealized Japanese woman yamato nadeshiko (Japanese wild carnation) which cant be simply defined as a pushover domestic image of a women (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/M ... oNadeshiko). In the end though I find Belldandy's sweetness and naiveness to be as endearing as like...Goku's naiveness out of lack of better examples.After a following this series for the short while I have so far I see that a lot of stuff that happens overshadows that image (kind of) b/c that personality trait really helps when there's big trouble.I mean Bell can very much be tuff when push comes to shove.Most of the romance comedy in my opinion comes from the regular and magical shenangins between ppl. What I still dont get is how they can frequently bring up reoccurring questions like how evenly can the couple reciprocate for each other,will Bell ever have to leave,cant they live normal lives,is there an extent as to out of how much free agency are they doing all this etc.I mean cant a lot of those question be resolved if Belldandy and Keichi had a really long and detailed talk about the wish contract and themselves in one sitting?.Also the system force will make it so that Belldandy's practically Keichi's only choice for a wife,wont it?.What's a bummer and I guess'll complicate things is how that Keichi will keep on aging while Belldandy only ages a little if all,right?.Or was there something in the wish that made him ageless or age little?.Cant they only stay forever into the afterlife if Keichi becomes deified somehow?.Seeing as how it's marginally based on Norse mythology I guess maybe if they say Keichi is like a descendant of Siegfried/Sigurd... Also is there any chance that the series will come to a close anytime soon?.Maybe with a wedding story that I'm rooting for?.
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