uminekio do I even want to know what this show is about?

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so ran across some you-tube clips on uminekio recently. Like this one

Now either this is a great horror anime.....or it is utter ridiculous and disturbing for the sake of disturbing I even want to know?

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@zaldar:Then the expert is here, I'll explain it to you, btw is Umineko no naku koro ni.

First, you found just one of the distrubing scenes in the story

Umineko is an story about a millionaire family that met together in Rokkenjima, in the Ushiromiya mansion, house of the head's family, the one is about to die, so people discuss the inheritance issue. Then, they found the epitaph of the golden withc Beatrice, a witch that is said it lives in teh forest of Rokkenjima, the one who gave the ten tons of gold to Kinzo (the head's family), etc, etc. In the dinner, the family receives a letter of the so called Beatrice, in the one she forces them to solve the epitaph, otherwise, she'll kill the family. And that happens, members of the family start to die in mysterious ways, only explnaibles by magic. At last all the family dies, and some members are transportated to an strange room. Battler Ushiromiya (Main character) even in front of the succes denies that a witch was involved, adn that all murders happened due to human ways, and it was a human who comitted them. To that, the golden witch appears herself in front of Battler, who even with that denies that she was the one involved in the murder. Beatrice found in Battler and interesting person and challenge him to prove that all murders happened by human means, while she claims that it was with magic. To that she repeats the story in games, in any game the situation repeat itself, but murders occurs in different way and also she add more magic to every succes, such as the summoning of demons who fights agains the family, members of the family that hold dark magical powers, such as creating blades, or imbuing fists in fire, etc. While Battler must explain how could all that happen in human ways. The story is made to fool the watcher/reader, and even if it sounds completely illogical, all have explanation (and it's not the bullshit of people dressed in monsters, like scooby doo).

Then in the purgatory or conceptual part of the meta world, the players argue about the mystery, to that they use moves called truths, the ones while sometimes are passives, other times takes the form of conceptual weapons that clash against hte weapon of the oponent (an argument too), or eitherwise, hit the oponent, damaging her/his existance.

At first, just humans and one witch, then there are more than five witches, humans with powers, demons of every kind, etc. And the main mystery, who is in really Beatrice, what is her true connection with Ushiromiya family, and who is the human that murders the family?. A mix of mystery and magic. The battle between reality and fantasy

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I'll leave an AMV, that resumes the stuff

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*blinks* WHERE HAS THIS SHOW BEEN ALL MY LIFE?? That description just made me INCREDIBLY interested in this show. Has this been imported to America? This has all most everything I love in Anime. Crazy scary situations that you wouldn't get away with in a non Japanese show. Magic and fantasy, and a crazy thought provoking plot that seems like it can be interpreted in multiple ways. I need to see this NOW!

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@zaldar:Well, it can be interpreted in like thousand ways

The bad part is that the anime only has teh first part of the story, and is bad adapted it cut a lot of stuff, and cut the emotion of some parts.

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ooo so this was originally a game? hmm I dobut it has but has the game ever been translated and brought to america? Sounds like a great game to.

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@zaldar:Is a visual novel, is translated to english. You can download it in any place

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eh let me be more specific Asune. Can I download it anywhere legally? I am one of those crazy people that supports the protect IP act.... *puts on fire retardant suit*

Post by PollySMPS (1 posts) See mini bio Level 6 The series is being fan-translated (approved by the original author as well), and they appear to be nearly finished with Episode 8. Their "Getting Started" has info on how you can legally acquire the games. The first episode is available for free as a demo.

I found the Japanese Cartoon itself to be fairly miserable due to having read the novels first. It's a good bit of fanservice for those familiar, but I really can't see anyone getting much out of it having never experienced the original work.

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@zaldar: You're lucky the translation project is legal, about the game, not sure.. Well follow take a look at gettinc started in witch hunt, anyway the visual novel is cheap, but one never knowns if is gonna really like the story, any case is amazing, but hard to read, cause it advance slow sometims

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