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So I completely have been ignoring school and the social world in favor of obsessively watching Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles. I finally finished the second and last season of the anime and am frankly quite pissed at how they chose to end it. Granted the manga isn't finished, and I don't know how close the anime follows the manga. HOWEVER, if you're going to end an anime at least make up a satisfactory ending that answers questions instead of raising more, solving problems rather than creating more, and just at least wrapping things neat enough to even though you know things will continue further, you still have closure that this part of the story is finished. Basically, at the end of this I literally said, "What the shit taco just happend?! You can't fucking end a season like that!" Baku responded with, "Yes they can."

I simply adored this anime; I love the romance/fantasy/quest genre. The story is really intriguing and the characters are absolutely loveable even though they are stock (stock works for a reason). I'm just really upset at how they chose to end it. You can't stick a dark, mysterious villian character in the shadows and not explain things! You can't have this dark, mysterious dual or alternate version of the main character and have him do basically nothing but float around in a tank and move every now and then! An epic story deserves an epic ending! I know there's like an f'ing million feathers they have to find, but I could've bought into there only being like 20 if it would end the story neatly.

Seriously, if the anime is simply mean to be an homage to the manga they should end in a fashion that as I said before, wraps things up neatly but still leaves you with the notion that the story isn't completely finished--there's more adventures in store. Maybe if they'd at least gotten all those damn feathers, I'd be a little happier. 52 episodes and they have gotten like 10 feathers max. Geez!. Soul Eater is about to end and they're pretty much making things up at this point and vastly departing from the manga. Ouran had the perfect ending--a nice conclusion of one "chapter" of the story--then again it wasn't an epic.

Fay says in the last episode, "Do you want this to end?" Of course all the characters are like, "NO! We love traveling together forever and ever on the soap operatic journey that never ends creating stress and anxiety for anime viewers, causing them to lose sleep, not do homework, and write irate blog posts on anime websties!" Of course, I'm sitting here screaming, "YES! PLEASE! GIVE ME CLOSURE! I DON'T HAVE TIME TO SIT AND READ ALL THE MANGA RIGHT NOW NOR DO I HAVE THE FUNDS TO PROCURE THEM ALL! DAMMIT, I'M LAZY AND JUST WANT TO WATCH THE ANIME RIGHT NOW DON'T YOU DARE LEAVE ME WITH A CLIFFHANGER ENDING AND NOT PRODUCE ANYMORE EPISODES!" 

So after this rant, my question for those who made it to the end are:

Did you want the series to end? What did you think of the ending? Were you satisfied and just continued on your merry way? If you hadn't read the manga, did you immediately have to go pick it up to find what was happening next? If you've seen the OVA (NO SPOLERS PLEASE), does it give more closure than the original anime? Should I watch it? And for my manga readers, what volume do I have to read to before I start getting some damn answers? I currently only have volumes 1-7 of the manga. And lastly, how's the movie? Again, no spoilers and the important part--do I get a happy ending and some form of closure?
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They are making OVAs to continue the story.
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umm, why did you double post this? You already posted this on the forums
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well to answer your question, You most watch the OVA. It pretty much the continuation of the main storyline, if I says more it turn in to a spoiler festival. The movie is more of a side story then anything else.

oh yea, dude what up with the double threat.
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Crap, I meant to post it to the blog and then the forum. Then I went to edit it a bit here and there and I guess accidentally double posted it.
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