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Topic started by Beomoose on April 30, 2009. Last post by Beomoose 5 years, 11 months ago.
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Bear with me, and please understand that I'm working with a fair amount of fog in the memory banks. I'm trying to track down an Anime which I saw the tail end of some years ago on American TV. I caught probably the last 45 minutes or so, but never saw the beginning and managed to loose the name so quickly (bad memory again) I couldn't track it down. It's been driving me nuts for years because I'll be watching something else and it will pop back into my head.

Anyway, I thought maybe someone here could figure out what I'm talking about, or if I need therapy.

What I remember:
English-dubbed SF Anime. An all-female human(?) race is fighting a war against green aliens in space. At the point I arrived on the channel, the story focuses on a small ship ( may have the name "Star League")  which is attacked and one of it's crew infected by an alien probe. After abandoning the ship in an auxilary vessel, the survivors (including infected member) crash-land on the terraformed moon of a wild planet. Their military, some subfaction of their race, and the aliens have an apocalyptic battle to grab the infected crew member. Somewhere along the way that crew member excreets/births what gows into a human(?) male. The alien commander (sole survivor from any race of the aforementioned fracas) crash-lands on the moon and fuses with his ship, which turns into a giant quadrapedic mech. The survivors of the original crew send one of their number and the new male lifeform to the wild planet, then self-destruct the moon's terraformers to kill the alien commander (and render the moon a lifeless hulk).  In the end, the two in the pod are the only survivors, the wild planet turns out to be earth, and they're suppposedly Adam and Eve.

Anyone got any clues?
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Hi man I have been looking for two days now and I can't find anything or recall anything like that. But juding on how many Anime's are out there I could just be missing it!
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Heh, welcome to my boat. If I had the patience I guess I could read through every anime list out there until I found a description which matched.
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Could it be Gall Force?
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I think we have a winner..
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ScarletKittie said:
"Could it be Gall Force? "
Could definitely be.
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I'm in awe, ScarletKittie, you nailed it! Many thanks, now I can actually watch the fraking thing in it's entirety. -_-
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