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Not sure there is a thread like this, but this is pretty interesting imo.

What are the top 5 anime that you guys believe everyone should watch, or at least just watch one episode, at some point in their lives?

Here is my list:

1. Death Note

2. Dragon Ball Z

3. Attack on Titan

4. Any of the Holy Shounen Trinity, or HST for short, which consists of Naruto, One Piece, and Bleach

5. Any harem series

Honorable Mention: Durarara!!

What are your guys' Top 5 must watch anime?

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For the sake of popularity or quality it depends. Your top 5 are all highly popular and many are known by those that have not even watched anime/manga. As someone who wants to get into anime/manga those are important titles. For someone already experienced maybe not so much, on top of the fact that many will have seen most if not all of them (like me) lol. It seems like you're doing this with newbie's in mind, in which case I could agree with this. I might toss in another demograph as all of those are Shounen and most are action Shounen which I won't deny is the most popular genre, but diversity might be a good idea. Maybe replace the Harem with a popular Shojo like Sailor Moon. Things like Harem series or Dark gory series I think come after seeing a few series most often.
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What animes are MUST watches?

There is actually a broader thread for this one when I searched for it.

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Never mind, Kelleth locked that one for this one Contructing an Anime Vice Must-See List? thread.

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