Top 10 animes of all times list.

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My list of all-time favorites is here: My Personal Favorite Animes

1. School Rumble

Both season 1 and 2, plus the closer OAV. A very funny "slice of life" romantic comedy with characters a cut above the norm. A wonderful love comedy. I enjoyed my time with the show so much that one of the great regrets is that it ended too soon in my opinion. This one is at the top of my list for "most wanted reboot".

2. Eureka Seven

A great series that makes me teary at times. Enchanting romantic action drama. I like the characters and the passion, misguided as it is sometimes, all the couples have for each other. I like the music in the series a lot, too.

3. Maison Ikkoku

The best romance-focused comedy I have seen. Joyful, touching, frustrating at times, but completely satisfying through to the end. It is a bit long at 96 episodes but the story spans 4 to 5 years, so it's quite a tale. It's about realistic regular people who are deeply flawed and in the midst of life's hardships learn to give and accept love. They don't make animes like this anymore sadly.

4. Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water

Amazing and touching adventure with a sweet love story weaved into the narrative. I expected more of a high paced romp but it developed into a thought provoking steampunk fable based loosely off 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Exciting, emotional, and funny. It's very similar to Eureka Seven in tone and romance, but the story itself is much different. It's a little less melodramatic than E7, though and the early part of the series has more slapstick humor.

5. Gintama

Often hilarious, frequently action packed adventure series about a trio of troubleshooters. It breaks the "4th Wall" all the time for comedic effect, but also has some of the funniest dialogue I've heard in a while. If I had a complaint it's that in the third season some of the longer story arcs feel like something from Naruto or Bleach.

6. Toradora

Endearing, smart and fully satisfying romantic comedy that turns melancholy about halfway through but for the better of the story. Complex characters act in realistic ways amid the confusion of their budding relationships. While I don't want a second series, I would love an OVA that catches up with these characters after all these years.

7. One Piece

Nearly 550 episodes, the 10 movies (well, 1/2 the movies are really good), and the specials. Love the baseball special most. After 500 plus shows, that I am still pulled into each episode says something about the cast and direction of the series for me. The redesign in the newer episodes takes some getting used to, but the fun is still as good as it ever was.

8. Urusei Yatsura

This was the first comedy anime I saw and I loved the loose flow of the storytelling. My attachment to romantic comedies began here. I really like the characters in Urusei Yatsura. Lum's tireless devotion is intriguing to me. She perseveres in a “marriage” which most women would have abandoned for a lower maintenance relationship, but she is committed to it and she loves Ataru thoroughly. For all his bravado, he is attached to her as well which shines through periodically. I find the show infatuating.

9. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

And the original series. This second series compiled the first 34 episodes into 12, so it's a good idea to watch that one, too. Plus, the original had better music. However, the overall story to the second was much better. No other series as left me quite as fulfilled as the final credits rolled than this one. A fully epic story well worth experiencing.

10. Mitsudomoe

Something about this cute and chaotic show caught my fancy. I found myself watching and rep-watching the episodes and enjoying them each time. The story is about 3 very different 6th grade sisters who's actions stir up all sorts of trouble for their teacher. The show reminds me of TV's Three's Company in that miscommunication and misunderstanding are the primary source of the humor. It's hilarious.

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I don't think I have a top ten, but my favorites are:

1. Dragon Ball Z

2. Sgt. Frog

3. Hetalia

4. Hamtaro

5. Yu Yu Hakasho

6. Spice and Wolf

7. Zatch Bell

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Death Note will always be number one to me.
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