Toonami Line Up June 2012

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Onther then Zune on Xbox Live and some DVDs I get on Amazon Toonami is one of the few sourses of Anime. And I guess Zune is not going to be on Xbox Live much longer... So I thought why not look at the current line up.


My friends are not happy about the story jumping around with different seasons. But this is something I actully enjoy about the show. I think it helps the show from getting boring and gives you something to look forward to after a season is done. Over 200 episodes aired here in the states and it seems to be going strong.

Deadman Wonderland

This is a new fun anime. I didn't know what to think at the begining. A child is framed for killing all his classmates. But this turned out to be really fun to watch. This anime throws a bunch of crazy situations at you. It's a prison turned game show. I like to think this is the anime verson of super jail. Well not as crazy as super jail but the story is better.

Casshern Sins

I actully debated with myself if I should get this on Zune or not. It seemed interesting but there was anime that caught my eye over this one. I'm happy becuase not only do I get to watch it for free but I don't know the story so it gives me something to look forward to each week. Casshern is in my opinion the weakest show of the line up and guess what. It's good and when your worst is good that tells you something. It's a interesting anime and a good part of the new Toonami line up.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

I'm very glade they are airing this again. I missed good protions of this show due to my old job and maybe now I can see the ending.

Ghost In The Shell: SAC 2nd GIG

I been tuning in for several episodes of Ghost In The Shell this time around. I watched it many times. I'm not against having this one the line up though. For anyone who has not seen it I would suggest taking a look.

Cowboy Bebop

Unlike Ghost In Shell I do still watch Cowboy Bebop each week. Someine said it was a anime that should continue to air and I agree. I like the idea of having a show to go to. When it's done airing keep it off for awhile then bring it back.

Cartoon Network brought Toonami back with a very strong line up with great anime. I look forward to seeing it again next week and what they will bring us in the in the future.

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Aside from some mess ups it was a interesting to see what you thought off the Toonami lineup and I agree its not too abd, but I still wish for the old classics back

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