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  • MD Geist
  • Master of Martial Hearts
  • Garzey's Wing
  • Kiss x Sis
  • Sword for Truth
  • Rio: Rainbow Gate
  • Samurai Shodown
  • One: To the Shining Season
  • Ninja Resurrection
  • Mouse
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Considering the solid feedback I got in regards to my Ani-Crap blog posting I got on Eiken a while back and feeling tempted to lash out at another crappy anime, I figured I would try this again. The titles listed above are ten critically panned titles among most anime fans old and new. Considering most folks didn't know of the majority of older titles I listed from the last poll I did, I decided to mix things up a bit by including both older and more recent panned titles to give folks titles they would be more familiar with. I will leave this poll running for three weeks and whichever title receives the most votes by 4 PM on December 17 will be the title that I watch and then cover in a blog posting for why you should avoid it. Have fun and pick out a title you want me to rip apart!
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Dangerous Tie
Dangerous Tie

I'm suggesting Rio: Ranbow Gate for you just to see how disappointing it was for everyone who saw at least an episode of it (myself included). Also, as of my post, it seems that it's a dangerous 6-way tie currently. The last thing you need is to hurt yourself while watching them all at the same time. :(

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I voted for Garzey's Wing, I haven't seen it myself but i heard it is just terrible.

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Gonna bump this up. Two weeks left for folks to vote on a crappy anime title you want me to watch and rip apart in a blog posting.
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Voted for Rainbow Gate, ugh, dropped it after the first episode.

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I voted Mouse, but I really disliked Master of Martial Hearts, also. Mouse is the worse of the two in my mind, though. Both of these series make "ecchi" un-fun, which for me is reprehensible. Rio Rainbow Gate isn't all that bad in my opinion since it can be enjoyed as kitsch (laugh at the stupidity of it all). Master of Martial Hearts was a trial to get through and I was pissed by the ending. Mouse was less a trial since each episode is only 10-15 minutes, but the farther I got into it the more I wanted to see some Lupin III or even Tantei Opera Milky Holmes to forget what I'd just watched. I don't usually speak harshly of most shows since I believe everyone has their own tastes, but these two push me to the edge.

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Online Now

I've only seen Kiss x Sis and while wasn't all that good, I found it hilarious. I voted for Master of Martial Hearts because it just sounded awful and the trailer didn't help. Can't believe FUNi picked it up.

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I haven't heard of these animes except for Rio: Rainbow Gate. Thank you ZombiePie for that hilarious drunk blog.

I randomly chose Sword of Truth because it sounds like a Zelda title.

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Adding more fuel to the fire, a friend of mine's betting me to watch and review the violent/ ecchi ninja crapfest of Manyuu Hikenchou that aired in Japan earlier this year after I told him about my poll not too long ago. Considering I'm in a "generous" mood as the holidays are around the corner, I'll be covering Manyuu Hikenchou for another Ani-Crap blog posting after I cover the winner of this poll. As a consolation price for my pal, he will be watching and potentially reviewing the runner-up title for this poll if he hasn't seen it in its entirety and something as equally repulsive as the winner of this poll.
Anyway, there are about 10 days left for folks to vote here and we presently have a tie between Master of Martial Hearts and Kiss x Sis. Unless the tie gets broken by next Saturday, I'll be randomly selecting the title I'll watch and cover in a blog posting.
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I ended up voting for Kiss x Sis...never looked into it, but from what I hear, it is a terrible anime that is hard (yet somewhat funny) to watch. Not sure why I never looked into it...perhaps the whole stepsisters falling for their "new" brother thing reminded me of something you see in a H-manga.

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Hey guys, I just wanted to clarify some things he mentioned to remove some uncertainties. Firstly, I will watch and review the runner up title in this poll, and since I suggested the secondary title, he got the option of laying out which title I would be watching in parallel as the 2nd watch.... It will also be reviewed.

Being that I put him up to the extra material, I figured it's a fair price...

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@Yuno_Shiki: Thanks for spilling the beans, Anaconda.
There's a week left for folks to vote on what crappy anime you want me to see and review.
Post by Dream (9,135 posts) See mini bio Level 21
Likely pointless at this point, but you have less than a day left to vote on whatever crappy anime you want me to watch and review.
As for what I have up for my buddy, we could be getting into a tie breaker.
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kissxsis ftw

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Voting time is up. Looks like I'll be covering Kiss x Sis as the first Ani-Crap title I watch and review before Manyuu Hikenchou.
Meanwhile for Yuno_Shiki, he's tied between Rio- Rainbow Gate and Master of Martial Hearts thus he'll be having to conduct a tie breaker of sorts to choose his first crapper to watch and review.
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