ThunderCats Anime Trailer

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@EganTheVile1: hahaha sorry I misunderstood, since english isn´t my natural language I sometimes make mistakes. Now that I read it again I realized what you meant. Well in that case I would say I´d still want to se Snarf in the show, he may be a secondary character created with the mere purpose to give some dramatic relief and comic situation on the original show, but I still have some attachment to him, as he used to be my favorite character and all the memorable things I can still recall from the show are related to him. But since these is a remake, if he doesn´t fit in the new version, well, there´s nothing to do, I rather prefer a better show that keeping unnecessary characters.
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@ronat1:  My favorite Snarf moment was in Robot Chicken when he was killed, stuffed and placed on a shelf LOL
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@EganTheVile1: I remember a chapter were he had to save the thundercats, that one was great... but I wish you could hear his voice in spanish doub, that was the best of him, it sounded so creepy that I couldn´t help laughing whenever I heard it.
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@ronat1: I am so going to track down a spanish dub snarf clip now, I have to know what you are talking about, and I speak some spanish so at least I'll understand wtf he's saying some of the time!
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@EganTheVile1: dont worry, just wait till he shouts LEONOO!! thats hilarious.
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I'm interested to see how this version turns out. I loved the campy-ness of the original series. (Honestly, it's hilarious if you've got the show on but don't look at the screen. Some of the dialogue was innuendo city! ^-^)
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Did anybody first watched the original Thundercats in the late 90s' on Toonami? 
I remember my older brother paid 50$ for a hooded sweater that has the Thundercats logo on it.
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Good video cant wait until the anime comes out i make me happy because they still remember the clasics animes
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