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Every season, folks like you and me are going around the net looking for what the must see anime of the season. You don't want to waste your time on something that may turn out to be crap, its understandable. But i personally believe you can't judge a show based on it first episode. Some may be amazingly impressive or just lackluster, but sometimes that's because things haven't been ramped up or you haven't seen all the characters yet, there's only so much you can fit in 30 minutes. So i thought i would give my 2 cents, if its worthy any, on the first three episode of an anime i'm watching and give my opinion on it. I'm not a personal critic nor do i have the tact to give objective opinion on something beyond "Well this sucks or this is cool". But if you feel up to reading some random dribbles of a guy who watches anime. Then give it a shot.

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My friend, , uses this method a lot when sampling shows in the #Anime Vice Discussion Threads. For me, I just go with the flow and watch it. Sometimes, when I face a bad show, I watched it to the end.

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@patanu: I also use this rule unless a series bothers me for a good reason or if I end up having more fun than I thought with an anime within the first two episodes.

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@patanu: @Bigheart711: Yeah 3 strikes at 1st if the show is on the bubble.Then as things progress it may go back to another 3 strikes. I avoid intros so soon as the music starts I window out ( watch anime on me computer) same for exit song ends as well as previews. That way less spoilage on the plot that was put together with out a intro or end spoiling it all.

Then after most episodes post on the #Anime Vice Discussion Threads with the episode number in the comment. That helps in case like the last few season I have larger load of anime to watch an lose my place. End of season will make a simple pick of is it average or better then it goes on my list. If not it does not, reason i set that bar so low as average is peoples tastes vary but few really go on about the bellow average stuff.

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