The worst 1st episode ever?

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New anime season is headed our way an i got to see Diabolik Lovers 1st episode the other day.An um for me its probly the worst 1st episode i have ever seen.It made Every Dog Has His Day apear good.An that was a 3 times to get threw the 1st episode level of bad for me.

Now i stress for me in this .Not puting down those who woud like it.Opions vary as well do tastes .But Dog & Scissors went on to grow on me enuff to watch the series an see it for what it was.A over the top parody of shonen .Almsot a reverse of shonen with a parody on harem anime as well.Its really aimed for anime fans who would cach the jokes like Binbogami ga! .Tho its a harder pill to swallow than Binbogami ga! by far.

Diabolik Lovers came right off the "bat" like a dark shadows take.. then got not creepy in a horror sence .Just down right bad. Even if the rest of the series would show a lighter side to the family of vampires who cares! They came off as rapey ,childish ,moronic creeps.Why would i care about any of these characters to watch more?

Even the "victem" whoes mysterious background brought her to their house falls short.A guy tries to rape/bite you an people lick you an you stick around?An the art style is made for fanfic.Its been while since i watches a anime where i coud not say somethig positive about it. Every Dog Has His Day had good animation quality .Heck even Devil and Realist had better animation .It even had a plot .

Whats the worst 1st episode you have ever seen in anime?An did you go on to enjoy the series?

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I kind of like Diabolik Lovers for standing out in the reverse harem genre. I never seen a heroine being chased and verbally abused by her soon to be suitors. I don't want to sound like a jerk. It was entertaining and unexpected. I guess I have bad taste in anime or reverse harem shows. The best reverse harem I watched was probably UtaPri.

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@takashichea: They are the kind of guys Natsu Dragneel would like to have a fist to face talk with.From what i have read the show is based of a popular female dateing sim... er...An that might be why birth rate is so low in japan?

Again if you like it thats cool.It is just not for me.To me it was the worst animation/plot i think i have seen in one package.I care for none of the characters.The mystery is unapealing to me.The main character is some one i would avoid .An the "brothers" who treat people as meals an play things or rape targets well even as anti heroes i found none of them two deminsonal.

There is plenty of people on cruchyroll who seem to like it.

Did go back an try Devil and Realist again the series seems to make people think its similar to Black Butler.In time seting , devils an demons .. sorta.But thats it really.Tried to see next few episodes what people were comparing to Black Butler an i saw nota.But 4 or 5 shows in we actualy see a female or two!

Still what is the worst pilot plot you have seen an have ya gone on to watch the show?Right now this Diabolik Lovers is the worst i did not go on to watch.Dog & Scissors has the crown for worst plot but did go on to like the seires.

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@Marshal Victory:

I enjoyed Dog & Scissor even though it didn't make a lick of sense. It reminded me of Binbogami ga, but Binbogami ga was better in comedy and was never afraid of going into drama. Dog & Scissor never showed the parents of Kazuhito and them mourning his death. It was a comedic show full of interesting and crazy women, not to sound sexist, but I do sound lie it. I need to resume watching Devils and Realists and GatchaMan Crowns since Tom is doing a W & L on it. Need to show my support and drop comments.

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@takashichea: Eh bit late on Gatachaman Crowds. Hes done at the 5th episode. Honeistly im at 10 an its not gone well.All the promis an posibilities of the early episodes deops hard by mid season. Plan on watching the rest of the season tho but disapointing considering how well its 1st episode was.

Agreed on the rest tho. I did like Binbogami ga a bit better. Dog & Scissors felt more like a reverse shonen harem parody .Where as Binbogami ga had a better parody ratio .

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GunGrave would be the worst first episode in my opinion. Due to It spoils the entire series, and pretty much episode all episodes up to episode 16 is a flashback. My opinion, skip episode 1 and start with episode 2 and then on.

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@sparky3000: IF it did not spoil the rest it would have been fine.Flashback foreshadowing can work if they show more at the end of the series after the flashback.Err flashforward /foreshadow?What you mentioned has kept me from buying GunGrave an its a S.A.V.E. editon now to an cheep.

It was right up there for me as well .But as i watch mroe anime others surpass that for me. My average an above list is over 205 now .That of course does not include stuff i couldnt get past 3rd episode.Not to mention the 1st.

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