Supernatural punks anime (again?)

Topic started by zaldar on March 30, 2012. Last post by alyabunny 2 years, 11 months ago.
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So the ghost on supernatural was called Shojo today. A japanese ghost that you could only see if you were drunk. So as you probably know shojo is a type of anime/manga targeted to young women (who also watch supernatural due to the male leads) so I guess the idea here is you have to be drunk to like shojo? I don't know..they had to kill it with a samuri sword blessed by a shinto priest. I think they did something with anime before though I am not sure. Either way rather hilarious.

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You do realize shojo just means girl, right?

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Shoujo (shōjo) means girl. The Shojo Zaldar is referring to is an alcohol/sake ghost.

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and yeah, the anime was released a few months before the end of last year and is called Supernatural The Animation.

Am I the only one(out of people that have seen it) that thinks Dean looks like some kind of demented elf?

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