Superevil's Top 5 Anime ~ #5

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Starting from number 5, let's parooze through Superevil's top 5 anime! Let the countdown begin!

#5 ~ Ookiku Furikabutte

Before you start you complain about sports anime, give this one a chance.

Usually shortened to Oofuri or refered to by its English name, Big Windup! this anime explores the strong bond of friendship and teamwork a high school baseball team goes through. It centres around Ren Mihashi, a nervous wreak of a pitcher, and Abe a calm and collected catcher. Ren feels utterly useless after being bullied on his middle school baseball team, and he falls apart on the pitcher's mound. But Abe and his teammates teach Ren that he's better than he thinks he is, and it isn't his fault if they loose a game. Oofuri isn't just about baseball and boys smacking balls, it's about friendshi and teamwork, and gives a strong anti-bullying message. Very cute, funny, emotional, and overall an outstanding slice-of-life anime. This anime also has an outstanding dub, and is by far one of the best sports anime, and one of my favourites.

What's your 5th favourite anime? Why? Have you seen Oofuri? What are your opinions?

Keep your eyes on the look out for #4 on Superevil's top 5 anime!

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I haven't seen Oofuri but it's on my list of recommendations. I definately want to check it out since I am still trying to see more sports related anime. I've seen about 75% of Eyeshield and recently finished Princess Nine and Taishou Baseball Girls. The latter is the better of the two since it has more style and less soap-opera. Anyway, baseball is my favorite sport, so I am drawn to this series over something like Prince of Tennis or Giant Killing. I am interested in Inazuma Eleven even though I'm not much of a soccer fan.

Anyway, my #5 would currently be Gintama. Comedy is my primary focus when it comes to anime and Gintama has the funniest dialogue of any show I've seen to date. The characters are all unique and the show itself is very easy to digest. Most episodes are single-shot adventures but periodically each season they'll do a story arc that can last 5 or more in length. For a long running show like this, I wish that more people knew about it because it is so good.

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Mine is Casshern Sins, I cried and loved this series from start to end....

It's tied with Katanagatari

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