Summer 2013 watch lists ,surprises an ongoing series.

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Summer 2013 has less overall for me but some surprise shows that i thought i would not like end up likeing .

1. Blood Lad figured would like it . Kinda feels like if Tim Burton did a anime at times .Has that style in ways of Soul Eater but with more comedy.

2. Danganronpa: The Academy of Hope and the High School Students of Despair is one i thought i would like an its just barely staying on my list. Tho if it keeps up the twist an turns it could turn into a favorite.

3. Dog & Scissors 1st show left me cold . Good animation but it took me two runs to get threw 1st show. Now i like it a big surprise actualy .Tho i stil predict it will be the cacher in the rye of anime for people claiming it causes peoiple to comit animal abuse.Which is silly.

4. Gatchaman Crowds did not know if would like it.But its also been a big surpise.Anmation can be amazing an story plot pace is fast.

5. il sole penetra le illusioni ~ Day Break Illusion not really my thing but this one is on the bubble .Animation style does not fit story at times .

6. High School DxD New Animatin is good an not just the jiggles. Story is not bad an it actualy made me laugh.

7, Sunday Without God hangs by a fingernail of being droped. Just not doing it for me .Madhouse Studios usualy puts out stuff i like but tween this an Btooom! they are shakeing my confidence in them.Strong starts then week finish doesnt keep a seires going for me.Also lense filters dont make for good animaiton .

8. Special Measures Unit: Stella Girls' Academy High School's C3 Club hangs in there with good animation an ok story.It like Dog & Scissors seem to have struck cords of discord with the politicaly corect crowd.Which i could care lese! This is a show i would show my grandkids an when they was younger their mother.

So of the new shows even on this list 2 may be droped at any time seem for me .

Lucky i have Ongoings still to watch like

Joujuu Senjin!! Mushibugyou Good hearted action with a sence of characture design .Good shonen.

A Certain Scientific Railgun S animation is top notch an story is pretty good. Great weave of new an old from difrent perspective on the past stories to.

Attack on Titan b movie anime took so serious its good.No great was the word i was looking for.

ova wise ARISE -GHOST IN THE SHELL- border:1 Ghost Pain Pretty dam good story an animaiton is top notch.It alone almsot makes up for the lack of content for my taste this season.

Ill probly go back an chach up on older series as time permits.So what series are on your watch list for the season ?

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I'm lost in Sunday Without God. It needs more exposition for me. Surprisely, I'm hooked on Dog & Scissors. I thought I would hate it after reading the premise. For Il Sole Penetra le Illusioni Day Break Illusion, 2nd episode is bit generic. You got your school for magical girls. I'm still watching it.

Watched Shows for Summer 2013

  • Sunday Without God
  • Blood Lad
  • Danganronpa
  • Il Sole Penetra
  • Silver Spoon - Not a slice of life fan, but I like the show and its humor.
  • Free


  • Mushibugyo
  • Attack on Titan
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Oh yeah, I'm watching Chobits for the first time. I just finished Gurren Lagann, and I was looking for an old show that's pretty famous. I thought why not try Chobits. It's a pretty good show, but the whole college student and porno just bleep my mind. Not all students think about that stuff.

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@takashichea: Yeah i was surpised to see Gonzo does Dog & Scissors.Very happy to see them around still.They have a hit or miss style but really swing for the fences an i respect that.

Ill probly expand my older show watch list .Just started watching Tantei Opera Milky Holmes an its lol worthy. J.C. Staff stories i genraly find something fun to watch in them.Aso since it got a second season this summer of less new stuff. i wanted to watch seaosn 1 first to try to get a feel if i should even bother.4 episodes in an highly amused.

Also again highly recomend you peek at Gatchaman Crowds would be surprised if ya didnt find something to like there.

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@Marshal Victory:

I almost forgot about Gatchman Crowds.

Oh, I have a question for you. Do you think Shin Sekai Yori or Psycho Pass will be the top show for 2013? I haven't watch Psycho Pass yet, but I heard from Tom, Acura Max, and the community that it's one of the best shows for this year. It's a shame that no one mentions Shin Sekai Yori. Then again, Shin Sekai Yori is like Flowers of Evil. It's a show that serves a niche. Not everyone would like it. Plus, it doesn't have the hype and merchandising power like Attack on Titan and Sword Art Online has.

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@takashichea: Psycho Pass is amazing on many levels for me.It shows the down side of a be all "care all" big goverment. an it logicaly breaks down what hapens when the system is corupt an big.Not sure how much of political statments were ment in it .But it shows things you just do not see in modern day anime or even any tv series .Animation was top notch.Its a sci fi cyber punkish show that requires thought.Its bloody an grim an glorious.I will own it on blue ray asap.

Oh an the whole deconstruciton thing.. eh its a logical jump from detective cop shows to the 80 buddy action movies.I realy dont see it as a deconstruciton more as a path less traveled.It does not fall into well worn paterns of the gene.For me i would put it up their with ghost in the shell,akira,cowboy bebop many of the clasic anime with depth of story an style.

Basicly i can not recomend it enuff.I mean how many shows lead from serial killers to politcal take over?

Shin Sekai Yori i stoped 4 shows in i think.Story didnt grab my attention or spark my imagination.1st show was pretty good then it just started to bore me.Its a show i may go back to an look at again.Any show can not fit ones mood for the time i think.Kept feeling i had heard this story before .Again im not saying its bad im saying at that time it just did not strike my taste.

Realy belive when talking about shows expresing ones opion realy should be for one self .I can guess by posts an lists what others may like but i cant speek for them when i say a show was horrible. It may well be a great source of entertainment for some one else.

Also shows like Shin Sekai Yori an Flowers of Evil will not have the merchandising power like Attack on Titan and Sword Art Online has. Not because of its content just because it didnt strike that cord that say a psycological show like Death Note did.If either show hit that public zeitgeist its will not make it as a mercahiseable product.Tho nich products of nich products are rare for a reason.Nature of things an all.

Sorry for long post .Could not sleep stupid sinus infection keeping me awake.Hopefuly things are almost spelled coherently.

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