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I am fairly new to anime aside from the stuff I watched as a kid, I like stuff like Hellsing and Vampire hunter D, but not nessecarially vampire stuff. I like zombies, and just horror in general. Can anyone suggest some darker anime (preferably not moe, but i will try anything). I would like to start watching more anime. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated, thanks ahead of time. 
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This is a list with the anime I´ve seen so far, descriptions on each one and the other ones are the ones I´d like to see later. 
 Good luck.    
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Welcome! Try Elfen Lied. It's not so much horror but very dark and violent. Also, try Monster.
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There are so many anime's you can watch especially since there are so many genres outside of just horror, if you like action, suspense we can go on forever but some bets might be try Hulu and Crunchyroll since they offers alot of the older stuff free and includes previews just chose the genre
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Hell Girl
Ghost Hunt
Perfect Blue (movie)
Ergo Proxy
Paranoia Agent
Umineko no Naku Koro ni      
Here are a few titles that you might enjoy.  Horror, mystery, supernatural,etc... I can't vouch for all of them, but if you are willing to take a chance, you might find something worthwhile.  I think some maybe on Hulu or Netflix. 
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Read this list. Maybe it will help.
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