(SPOILERS) How did Elfin Lied end?

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I just watched the entire anime and I wanted to know, what the heck happened in the ending?

I promise this will be the last topic I make on this anime, I'm bringing it up quite a bit!

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The ending was apparently an original one made for the anime since the manga it was based on was ongoing at the time it was made. As for the ending... 
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In the manga...

  • The little girl who was molested almost gets raped again, this time by some Diclonius hunter.
  • Eventually, as this stuff is prone to do, the plot becomes a battle for the fate of the world and mankind.
  • Also as this stuff is prone to do, bigger, badder , and sadder sob story origin Diclonius are revealed.
  • Lucy dies to save humanity but there is something weird in the last chapter like oddball twins appear that seem to have some type of affiliation with Lucy. I don't remember exactly what it was as I read this all years ago.
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Someone waited at the entrance to Maple House. Implied to be Lucy.

Read the manga if you want an ending.

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