So what does Anime Vice think of Ore No Imouto?

Topic started by InfiniteGeass on Oct. 13, 2010. Last post by godeater 4 years, 3 months ago.
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Two episodes have aired now and I was wondering what you guys thought of it so far? I'm really enjoying it so far and like what it's all about. I think it's a pretty interesting show and might be my favorite this season. What do you guys think?
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Not a favorite, but really it's a very interesting premise
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I've been enjoying it so far, but it really depends on where it goes, after the first episode I was a little worried it was going in the Kiss x Sis direction, and I don't think we need a copy-cat series of that. But after the second episode I don't think it will go that way. 
I really like the way it looks, it looks vibrant, sharp and fluid. It just stands out a little bit to me compared to other things I'm watching, I don't know if anyone else agrees with that.
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I could do a shameless plug for my First Impressions blog post, but nahhhh

In short, it looks to become a nice Coming-of-age story with plenty of "touching" (mind out of the gutter, people. Now!) moments. Also, the sheer amount of moe and references will appease the hardcore otaku. Then again: Comiket is going to be awkward...
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Ruri is my new waifu. 
Loving the show so far. It was one of my 'wild card picks' for the season. I wasn't sure what to expect really, but it's certainly taken me by surprise. It's one of my favourites atm, only coming second to Star Driver.

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I've got a few question I'm hoping someone who's seen most of the episodes so far can answer: 
  1. Is this harem?
  2. Is it similar to the Haruka-something no Himitsu show?
  3. If it's a comedy, what style of comedy would you label it?
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@sickVisionz: 1. I'd say it's very much harem, but it's better disguised than most. Other than a few side characters, Kyousuke appears to be the only male present, as far as I can recall.
2. I haven't seen that show, but I find myself interested in checking it out now.
3. There's quite a lot of comedy and it's quite well done. It usually revolves around jokes about otaku lifestyle. There's a bit of incest humour as well, which has stirred up some controversy. It's been fairly tasteful so far, but it can push it a little far at times. There's some fanservice in there as well, but it's not as obvious as other anime.
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Mid series I came to realise that for all the promise that the show had it had one huge problem, I just did not find Kirino to be an appealing character. She actively is the worse part of the show. The best episode of the show before I dropped it was the "There's No Way My Childhood Friend is This Cute" and that is because she is barely in it.
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Interesting start but the show is getting a bit repetitive.
Post by godeater (2,041 posts) See mini bio Level 11
yeah true it's getting a bit dull so I read the manga.
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