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(disclaimer: take the following blog postage with a grain of salt, as my brain may not be 100% there at time of writing)

In between stressing about upcoming finals in a couple weeks and trying not to act like a total dingus outside of these walls I've been catching up on some of the new shows that have been going. Perhaps I should share some thoughts about them with you all? Ohohohoho...

Let's start off with the most recent one I've seen: Shangri-La, a world ravaged by global warming so badly that it seems Japan (Atlas?) is now ruled by lolis and the adults are forced to fight each other for the leftover scraps. Also, that Lady Ryoko chick seems like a sexier version of Futurama's Mom: a ruthless businesswoman who will abuse her wussy, masochistic servant boy for the slightest inconvenience. On the other hand, I gotta say that you don't often see trannies in such main character positions. I find that kinda amusing. Also, a slight possibility that *SPOILER* the main loli princess might be the daughter of Momoko *SPOILER*.

Moving on down the list...Asura Cryin': It's got ghosts who may or may not be dead, an overly powerful student council that might be the current Knights Templar vs. an overly powerful science club led by an evil(?) cyborg woman with an undetermined relationship with the main hero's brother and a Yakuza princess who can shoot fire from her hands. Also, there's ghost-y mechs. Y'know, a lot of shows and movies come to mind where they talk about some variation of the Knights Templar. How about a show where they have a modern-day incarnation of the Hashishin? Well, I guess the Japanese equivalent would be the ninja. Never mind, then. What was I talking about? Oh yeah...anyways, Asura Cryin' looks good, and I think it'll get better as the series goes on. But if it starts turning into another "mons" series ("your White Ghost type is weak against my Green Lancer type!") then I'm tossing this laptop out a window.

Valkyria Chronicles: Considering that I'll probably never play the game unless it gets ported to the 360 and we invent a tie made out of veggie bacon (or "Facon"), this series will have to do. Apparently, they made a tank that can (briefly) go underwater and kill the Naz--er, the Imperial Army, all thanks to the genius of the Jewi--er, Darcsen engineer who built it. Of course, Isara still takes a bunch of shit from her new teammates during that mission for her heritage based on a stupid unproven myth. I guess it was inevitable when you're setting something in a faux-1940's Europa that racism would pop up. The series looks good so far, but episode 4 looks like it's going to be mostly filler.

Eden of the East: Apparently, there are two tropes prevalent with the main characters in almost all animu I stumble across--either they have amnesia, or their parents are dead/missing. Akira seems to fit both pretty well. It didn't sound that interesting at first, but I've kinda warmed up to it as it's been going on. Also, it seems that Akira may or may not have massacred a few thousand NEETs by himself. I'm tempted to ask something like, "How did he get them out of the house? Promises of free lolis and catgirls?" but that would be bad taste. Plus, Oasis does the opening theme, which is awesome but I'm sure you've all heard of that by now.

Queen's Brade: I don't know why I keep watching this thing. I guess it's to see how far they can keep pushing the bar with the pantsu and oppai. Episode #2 was kinda lame, featuring a ninja girl and shinto priestess vs. evil ninjas who morphed into some kinda perverted toad creature. #3 upped the ante with Reina, mud/oil wrestling and the tit-biting snake. #4 seemed more oriented towards those with a fetish for vomit and electric torture, though Aya Hirano got a few more lines in than the past episodes and I couldn't help but laugh when her angel character got sprayed with her own milk (I think that was milk?). #5 looks like it will feature a large-breasted Japanese Cleopatra. You think they would've saved the tit-biting snake for that one. Or maybe Brendan Fraser will be looking for Imhotep in that pyramid and get distracted. Who knows?

Phantom: looks to be kinda like Noir (according to the credits, Bee Train is behind part of the show and Ein does seem to be a dead ringer for Noir's Kirika). Though it's starting to get a little boring to follow when the main characters are supposed to be emotionless killing machines. Admittedly, it was because of this that Ep. #4 threw me for a loop when Ein and Zwei showed actual emotion, but apparently it was all just an act for the cameras. I'm just hoping someone (friend or enemy) goes batshit insane in the next couple of episodes to throw in some spice to the otherwise bland flavor of this series. If they start having to fight an army of blue-suited soldiers with impeccably bad aim (*cough* LES SOLDATS *cough*), then I'm dropping this from my list of "to watch."

I'm starting to get the feeling I should set up a mic and go all Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw up in this piece, but I don't think I'd be able to fake an English accent that well. Feel free to agree with me or bitch about some trivial thing I wrote in the comments.
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I've always loved your commentary, just so ya know. I have chuckled multiple times.

That being said, it's nice to see mini-reviews of the new spring season. I haven't picked anything up yet due to laziness but I shall eventually.
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