six episodes in/half way in..tone change anime trope?

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So just finished up the sixth episode of Angel Beats (good show not great as HR does the same themes I think better) and it just went up a couple notches in my opinion. For those who have seen the show:

This is when angel gets locked up with our main character and things take a rather dark turn and we learn that perhaps she is not so different from our main characters after all.

It led me to wonder if shows that go one direction for a bit than take a massive turn about half way through is an anime trope. Haibane Renmei did it, Ghost in the Shell did, Lain sure as hell did (an extremely odd show became out of this world weird) and for a more modern one Steins Gate did. As Tom likes to say..what do you fellow lunatics think.

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Yeah, it's called the Cerberus syndrome. (TV tropes name)

basically it states that some series will continually get darker in order to appear to more mature audiences

Off the top of my head

Hitman reborn- A comedy story of a boy running around in his underwear leads into a series that features a girl whose parents hate her because she has no organs (Or was it that they beat her so much that her organs went into failure? Something like that) and it keeps getting daker

Shuffle - Light hearted harem turns yandere paradise.

Rosario + vampire- This one got dark pretty early, but it started from a happy go lucky harem series to implied rape, actual rape, death, racism, etc etc.

Negima- (why can i only think of harems?) started as a love hina with magic and progressed to a series where anyone can die, scenes that actually bring you to tears, philosophical debates about what constitutes a living being and a little boy watching everyone he loved killed in front of him.

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I notice this a lot in light hearted comedies. The series will be going along fine and funny enough but at some point the creators decide to trash that and get serious with "the plot." Unfortunately, these are usually written by people good at doing light hearted comedy and not particularly great at serious drama so the end result is that they abandon everything good about the series and focus on what they kinda suck at.

I didn't think Steins;Gate really changed up that much. The first episode did a good job of setting up the overall tone of the entire serious, which was silly characters doing nerd comedy in strange situations that could suddenly turn incredibly dark and serious.

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well I mean

after the most moe character got shot and killed

I thought the tone changed a good bit...hmm now and then here and there did a similar thing to this...but after only one episode man that second episode was still a shocker though. And I don't like the tv tropes description of the trope..I mean I think in these it was planned from the beginning not something that did so cynically...and most of the shows I mentioned I like (and given that description of Negima..I may actually have to watch it)

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@rein: Don't forget about Mood Whiplash also occurring. Happens quite notably with Narutaru and Puella Magi Madoka Magica.
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@Dream: but especially in madoka was very much intended from the beginning..

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I think Toradora does it. The first half is rather traditional and even slapstick, but the second half is far more melodramatic. And, while not necessarily darker per se, there is a focus change between Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan season 1 and season 2, Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan - Demon Capital. The first season has a much stronger emphasis on romantic comedy elements while the latter jettisons all of that and is full-on action. Normally, I would say that sometimes it takes a while for a show to properly find its footing, but these shows are preplanned already so I think there must be a production decision to use this type of storytelling as part of the evolution of the main character. Early on he's all light and fun, but then things get real and he has to grow up and face a cruel world.

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