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Pretty self-explanatory. If there's a site you use to track what anime you've seen and what not, feel free to show off your anime viewing list.

Here is my list from off MAL from my username, ggultra2764.

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I never open a profile over there, but from what I heard, it's a good site. I used it a lot for the wiki.

Wow, you watched a lot of shows. The one guy I know what is in the same league as you is . That explains why you have a wealth of knowledge for the Implied Sex Scene project. I was looking and asking folks in the community before I discover TV Tropes.

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@takashichea: What 11 years of anime fandom can get you. XD

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I don't have nay website like that, so I'll just list here in basic order of which I watched them...

  1. Pokemon (halfway through Joto, seen the first two movies)
  2. Digimon (first few episodes)
  3. Ghibli (seen Spirited Away twice, Howl's Moving Castle and Tales twice of Earthsea)
  4. The Animatrix (seen them all)
  5. Dragon Ball Z (past the Ginyu saga, some in the Android/Cell saga)
  6. Avatar (finished all episodes of the Last Airbender except the one with Appa, first 5 episodes of Korra)
  7. One Piece (first 20 or so, some other vague ones)
  8. Fullmetal Alchemist (all episodes of both series, both movies)
  9. Ghost in the Shell (finished Stand Alone Complex and somewhere into Second Stage)
  10. Gurren Lagann (finished it 3 times, seen each movie once)
  11. Elfin Lied (finished)
  12. FLCL (finished it twice)
  13. Full Metal Panic! (finished 1st series)
  14. Evangelion (finished series, End of Evangelion, Rebuld 1 & 2)
  15. Aquarion (finished)
  16. Gundam Seed (up to episode 30 before I gave up)
  17. Claymore (finished)
  18. Akira (seen twice)
  19. Samurai Champloo (finished)
  20. Gantz (first 4 episodes)
  21. Gunbuster & Diebuster (finished both)
  22. Code Geass (finished Lelouch of the Rebellion, yet to see R2)
  23. Saint Seiya: Omega (first 3 episodes)
  24. Genocyber (seen the first 2 episodes)
  25. Eureka Seven (finished, seen the movie)
  26. Heroman (seen the first 2 episodes)
  27. Serial Experiments Lain (finished)
  28. Vandread (finished both season 1 & 2)
  29. Blassreiter (finished)
  30. Noein (finished)
  31. Attack On Titan (watched up to episode 19)
  32. Gargantia (only the 1st episode)
  33. Deadman Wonderland (finished & seen the OVA)
  34. Berserk (up to episode 7)
  35. Transformers (seen the old movie)

Not nearly as many compared to the rest of you, but that's my list. Plan to add Hellsing, Nadia: The Secrets of Blue Water, Cowboy Bebop and Kill La Kill to this list.

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I usually keep track of my watching/watched anime here: anime-planet

  • 124 watched
  • 8 watching

total episodes: 3,931

Considering I started watching anime a year ago.

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I used to use anime-planet but now I just use an Anime Vice list because I can write a little blurb about the stuff I'm watching as well.: Every anime I've seen to completion. I haven't updated it in a few seasons though.

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same here i don't have profiles with websites but here's of what i can remember...

  1. Gundam (almost all versions)
  2. Aikatsu (on the newest season)
  3. inuyasha
  4. magic users club
  5. sailor moon
  6. dbz
  7. one piece
  8. naruto (both)
  9. magical knights rayearth
  10. vampire knights
  11. Fullmetal alchemist
  12. digimon
  13. pokemon
  14. ghost in the shell
  15. claymore
  16. nobonagun
  17. saint seiya
  18. eureka seven
  19. fruits basket
  20. hellsing
  21. heroman
  22. cowboy bepop
  23. outlaw star
  24. code geass
  25. aquarion
  26. gurren lagan
  27. dragon ball
  28. deadmas wonderland

i can't remember them all so to make it short all the ones on netflix, almost all thats on hulu, almost all on crunchyroll, and alot more from different websites...

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