Shana from Shakugan no Shana or Louise from Zero no Tsukaima?

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Between this two anime girls of similar personality (and same Seiyu, Rie Kugimiya) which one do you think is better in every way? 
My personal choice would be Shana, just because I find her cuter :P 

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sword > no sword
also no sword has a boyfriend i dislike.
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^^ I think Saito is a total badass. 
That being said, i hate all Tsundere types but out of the two i Prefer shana.
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Actually, I prefer one missing from your list.  Taiga Aisaka of Toradora.  Similar in appearance to both Shana and Louise and incidentally also (I just looked this up since I didn't know) performed by the same voice actress as those two characters, Rei Kugimiya.   You might also add Nagi from Hayate the Combat Butler to the list, although she looks a bit different, her personality is spot-on similar to Louise's and she's another of Rei's characters.
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Shana wins in being badass, but if I was her age I wouldn't hang out with her since she's usually pretty bitchy and when she's not she's super cold towards everyone.  Louise is bitchy as well, but a few times per session she's in a bed with the boy from her series putting the moves on her.  Her putting makes her better to hang out with.
Nagi > all though.  She's super cute and she's a super nerd.  She'd be a cool little sister to have.
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