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Minato is a guy that failed his college enterance exams twice! He eventually collides with the Musubi who is being chased. Musubi then realizes that Minato is her Ashikabi: thier partner that will strengthen one's abilities. The Sekirei are also numbered there are 108 Sekirei Musubi is number 88 It the beginning Minato has failed twice on the enterance exam and live in an apartment that he is only allowed to live. He then soon runs into Musubi who is a fist type Sekirei the has yet to find a Ashikabi. They meet by Musubi jumping off a tall building while being chase by to lighting type Sekirei Hikari and Hikiba (who are twins) and then landing on Minato who scared for his life because he has no idea what's going on. Musubi then goes out of her way to save Minato because he broke her fall. They then go back to Minato's apartment and Minato then feeds Musubi. She then begins to fall in love with him and then she explains the Sekirei plan to him and why thought two girls were chasing her. They eventually meet up with Hikari (The one wearing the violet clothing) and Hibiki (the one wear the red clothing) again and then Minato goes out of his way to save Musubi so she realizes that Minato's her ashikabi so Musubi chooses Minato to be her Ashikabi and the only for that to happen is though mucosal contact or for them to kiss and so they do then Musubi's powers are increased and the twins only fight Sekirei that haven't emerged so they flee. All of this fighting is apart of Hiroto Minaka's game because he went to an island that appeared because of a massive earthquake and found the Sekirei inside of a wrached spaceship with one adult eight fetuses and 99 zygotes (which are eggs right after fertlization)inside so he used them to make a little game out of it all. Thoughout other events they meet a few new friends who are also Sekirei Matsu, Homura, Kazehana, Kusano, and Tsukiumi. Though all the events in this series Musubi, Minato, Matsu, Homura, Kazehana, Kusano, and Tsukiumi. All have to fight in Minaka's game even though their friends. Toward the end of the season Musubi helps two people (Haruka Shigi an ashikabi and Kuno Sekirei #95 voice type) get out of the city because they don't want to be apart of the Sekirei plan. So Musubi gets hurt tring to protect Minato, Haruka Shigi, and Kuno gets killed but comes back as yume number 8 and the former leader of the disciplinary squad. Yume then beats them and then Musubi comes back or reemerges. Then is the second season Minato, Matsu, Homura, Kazehana, Kusano, and Tsukiumi are all faced with some more difficult challenges. As they struggle to protect each other from Bennitsubasa and Haihane members of the disciplinary squad from getting there revenge on Minato because Minato fought back against a Sekirei by himself and that made Bennitsubasa mad because she was the one that was hit. As all of that is going on Minato gets to new Sekirei Homura and Kazehana. Homura is a fire Sekirei that is very unstable and can't control her power until she emerges. Kazehana is a wind Sekirei who is 3 of the top five powerful Sekirei. Mianto then has six Sekirei Musubi, Matsu, Homura, Kazehana, Kusano, and Tsukiumi. Who all are in love with Minato and are always fighting over him and that puts a lot stress on him because not only is he an Ashikabi he has six Sekirei and that's a lot to handle for Minato. That conflicts between Minato and the others he's not really sure who he's in love with because theirs so may of them that he feels for and doesn't want for any of them to get hurt to save him. Him wants to protect them best he can and he doesn't want for them to get hurt over him. They all love each other even though they are Sekirei because Sekirei have to fight each other, but they don't care about Hiroto Minaka's game.
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tl;dr, Sekirei is Pokemon with tits, your enter key is broken, and there is no point in you posting this wall of text in the forums.

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why does everyone refer to pokemon it sucks and theres no plot its just constant battles between pokemon sekirei is a romance anime and no its nothing like pokemon; pokemon are basicly animals with element powers sekirei are completely different and if i wanna post this on the forums to give info about it to other people i can and if its pointless then why do you care and if you dont like just ignore it you have to add your opinion to it just because its some random info on an anime the website clearly envolves anime considering the fact that the website is so im gonna blog about anime and no my enter key isn't broken i was just typing as much info about as i could i just wasn't thinking
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Paragraphs and structure is needed otherwise people won't read it.

Pokémon's plot is rather simple. Ash wants to be the very best like no one ever was. To catch Pokémon is his real test and training them is his cause. He's gotta catch them all!

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Minato does even want to "catch them all" he doesn't even want to be an ashikabi (partner/lover). Minatot just runs into all of his Sekirei and they fall in love with him for some reason that they themselves can't explain. Minato is nothing like ash because ash like his position as a trainer. Minato is a student that failed the college enterance exam twice and ran into a sekirei that fell in love with him and made him her ashikabi without him realizing what he had to go though and then he ran into somemore except for Tsukiumi but that because she was trying to kill him. Sekirei also fight to the death or until someone loses there symbol and powers and they never get to see the ashikabi again pokemon fight until the other pokemon there fighting gets tired and the plot of sekirei is for the sekirei to fight for there ashikabi aka romance the plot of pokemon is battling and catching pokemon
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I watched both series of Sekirei and a tear came to my eye when the girl died in the second series. In the manga she died after they got her ashikabi to a proper hospital to help her. Was apparently very sad.

I like Miya. Would like to see what she could do if there is a 3rd series. I loved it when we saw her past. I would love to see her love affair with that doctor she liked. Can't recall his name. I enjoyed when she used her sword to release a shock wave that cut the submarine in half. That was cool.

However, Pokémon was one of the reasons I got into the world of animé along with Dragon Ball. And not many shows will compete with them. I still play the games and love them.

Sekirei is similar to Pokémon in ways. They fight to the death, Pokémon fight until one faints. One wins and won loses the only difference is death. The Ashikabi with the best Sekirei usually wins, same with Pokémon. If you choose to ignore the obvious, then you don't want to see the similarities. Just because they share similar traits doesn't make it bad. Like I said, I enjoyed Sekirei. It's kida of like Freezing. I enjoyed Freezing more though.

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Sekirei is Pokemon, the funny thing is that I enjoy Pokemon more then I enjoy Sekirei

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Dang nice summary of Sekirei :)

Musubi will live on forever!!!!

no but seriously you did good on this. atleast now I know what you were workin on all of dem periods :) (not that I'm tryin to be a stalker or anything)

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