Sailor Moon: My Life History

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Sailor Moon holds a lot of memories for me. Not only did it begin my love of anime and mange, it's also connected to me to so many people in my life. I still remember the first episode I watched: The Return of Sailor Moon. It was the episode where Usagi reawakened as Sailor Moon to fight Ali and Ann. Every chance I got at a house with cable, I would turn on the TV early in the morning hoping to find Sailor Moon on.

Then there was the period where I was busy growing up and forgot about Sailor Moon. Besides, it was a cartoon and a kid show; I wouldn't be caught dead admitting I liked Sailor Moon.  However, it popped back up my 8th grade year; I moved to a new school. I saw a girl in one of my classes with a binder which had pictures of Sailor Moon characters inserted in the front cover. I tried very hard to be discreet when I looked at the pictures. To my surprise, Sailor Moon looked different. She had a whole different outfit and wings to boot. Plus there were other Sailor Scouts which I didn't recognize.

I went home and searched Sailor Moon on the internet. Lo and behold there were a million and one things to read about Sailor Moon, and more importantly a million and one pictures. I printed out several of the manga images, most notably ones of Sailor Saturn and Pluto. I stuck them on my notebooks and went to class the next day. The girl with the Sailor Moon binder, saw the picture of Sailor Pluto on my notebook and was in instant awe. She said, “That’s gorgeous! Where’d you find that? Do you like Sailor Moon too?” We became instant friends.

I then decided to introduce Sailor Moon to another girl I’d just made good friends with. She surprised me by saying she knew about it. We rode the same bus together, and she told me there was a girl who rode our bus in the afternoons who drew Sailor Moon pictures. Turns out, she was best friends with the girl with the Sailor Moon binder. Everything came around full and the four of us became best friends and formed (this is a little embarrassing) the S.S.O.A.—The Sailor  Senshi of America; Girl with Sailor Moon Binder was Sailor Mercury, the Sailor Moon picture drawing girl was Sailor Jupiter, the girl who was my good friend was Sailor Venus, and I was Sailor Saturn.Through binder girl and drawing girl, I met two more girls—one with uber long hair (Sailor Pluto) and the other wonderful, nerdy red-head with glasses (Sailor Moon). I’m still good friends with or at least in touch with all of these girls—my former, fellow Sailor Senshi.     

I met my first boyfriend through binder girl; guess what he liked Sailor Moon too. “Our song” was of course, “My Only Love” –from the episode where Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask realize their endless love for one another. Of course 8 grade love doesn’t last forever. Fast forward six years later.  A college sophomore, I was sitting with a group of friends in the cartoon TV room in Gattiland. A nerdy boy with dark hair and glasses, who was a friend of a friend, suddenly out of the blue said, “Who here likes Sailor Moon? Eh? I do!” He looked around awkwardly with his hand raised waiting for someone to voice their agreement. In my mind, I thought, “Oh my God! This boy is perfect!” I slowly raised my hand and said, “I do.” Three years later, I’m still in love with the same boy who openly professed his love for Sailor Moon.

Just thinking back, Sailor Moon is responsible just for the sheer number of people I’ve met. Whenever I wear my Sailor Moon purse, I have random people coming up to me saying they love Sailor Moon. For me, Sailor Moon was the networking tool before Facebook, and the relationships I gained from it are far more genuine.

I know this an obscenely long blog post. I have a reason behind posting this, other than to share my experience. I wanted to ask you all is there a specific anime/manga that has connected you extensively to other people outside the internet community?

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Just so people know, I'm that guy she met sophomore year.
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Baku_Sensei said:
"Just so people know, I'm that guy she met sophomore year."
And here I was hoping you and me could get together :)
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that's a beautul story..wipes tears
I admit..I liked Sailor Moon...till they made them guys...

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D'aww that made me smile inside. :) What a cute story.

I've met a couple of my dude friends through anime. All my school binders have some sort of theme. For example, my physics binder has Gurren Lagann because that anime breaks all the rules of physics. I have Yuki Nagato on my English Lit binder since she loves books. yadda yadda yadda

Some dude saw one of my binders had a gundam model kit instructions inside. This dude came up to me and asked if that was a gundam and if I liked the series. We then started talking about random anime and stuff. He introduced me to some other of his anime friends. Lo and behold I now have anime nerdy friends in real life yay.

Most of my friends are normal though so I don't really talk about anime and manga often in real life. I only really talk about it with my anime-knowledgable friends and on the interwebs.
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RedRoses said:
"Most of my friends are normal though"
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Yeah, I think me and the girl who was Sailor Moon are the only ones who remained die-hard Sailor Moon and anime fans. We're both huge nerds. I'm still friends with most the people; we just don't talk about Sailor Moon. I left a lot of my nerdiness and anime love behind after my freshman year of high school where dances and making out with boys became cooler than anime.  Baku brought it all back out and increased it tenfold--one of the many reasons I love him. ;) He also brought me into the IRC and now to here; so I can talk anime with lots of people now!
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As a kid, sailor moon was one of my favorite cartoons and I used to watch it religiously, then as I grew older I drifted away from all anime and cartoony stuff in general, thinking it too kiddie. Eventually, I did get back into anime in a big way, however I stayed away from sailor moon as I thought it too girly. That thought didn't last long as after watching megami's SMA, I remembered all the good memories from the show and almost instantly started watching through and I am very much enjoying it.
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