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Hey all, since I'm not into anime a whole lot, I thought I'd come here for a specific recommendation for a new anime. The only two real ones I like are Bleach and Fullmetal Alchemist. I like them because they seem to have a nice mix of Drama, humor, and action. I like Fullmetal Alchemist much, much more than I do bleach.. that might be cause I stopped watching bleach cause the bount story arc was soooo dumb and boring to me.

Also, I'd like it to be dubbed. I've tried watching subbed and can't get into it as much.


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Anime that fit Drama, Humor, Action

This is what I thought that fits your description

  • Samurai Champloo - It's about Fuu who somehow got Mugen and Jin to come on her adventure to find the samurai that smells like sunflowers. Despite its violence and crude humor, there are certain episodes that are bit heart aching. Be aware of blood and nudity.
  • Fairy Tail or Rave Master - They both by the same author, Hiro Mashima. It has similar characters but set in different backgrounds. Rave Master is about Haru who goes on a quest to find all the Rave stones to defeat Demon Card and eventually save the world. It's magic and swords fighting mix together. The only problem with that series is that it ends abruptly. Fairy Tail is pretty much about the adventures of Natsu, his friends, and their guild as they get into missions and fights with other guilds. Unlike Rave Master, Fairy Tail is less serious and violent and generally, Fairy Tail has more ecchi moments.
  • Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi - It's a series that emphasizes on parodies of other anime and such with loads of fan service. Be aware of that if fan service turns you off. The drama comes in when you get through the wacky worlds that Arumi and Satoshi explore and "escape" and learn the origin of Abenobashi.
  • Blue Exorcist - If you don't care about religion, this anime would good for you to try. It's about Rin who trains to become the best exorcist to kick Satan's ass. If you like Supernatural, demons, and exorcism, then you'll surely like this one.
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Katanagatari is a mix of drama, action and comedy in a Feudal Japan setting

Ben-to is more comedic and haves cool fights, is an anime about the fight for half-priced lunchs inside supermarkets, bizzare but funny as hell

Fate/Stay Night and it's prequel Fate/Zero are awesome, Zero more awesome than Night...

One Piece is just too good to be true (once you pass episode 60 or so) and haves drama, comedy a butt-load of action

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@slushinator: Pick something from here. Except for Tiger & Bunny (for now), everything in the top 15 has a decent English dubbed version.

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Cowboy Bebop and Baccano, both are action/drama with some comedy mixed in. Cowboy Bebop has a very good dub, and I've heard Baccano's is good too. They're both pretty accessible series.
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Under-suggested shows for the anime novice (nothing too deep here) I don't know if all of those are available in dubbed English, I don't believe Katanagatari is but the others should be. Others I suggest that mix comedy, action and drama well are:

  • The Slayers franchise (4 seasons) - A fantasy adventure involving 4 unlikely heroes and their attempts to save the world from destruction, make some cash, eat a lot of food and escape an ever pursuing string of bounty hunters and detectives out to get them. Lina Inverse is a unique heroine with a strong (sometimes malleable) sense of honor and a wicked "Dragon Slave".
  • Outlaw Star - A space adventure again about a mismatched collection of "outlaws" who stumble into a conspiracy to uncover a long lost treasure. Some good laughs especially between protagonist Jean Starwind and alien cat-girl, Aisha Clanclan.
  • My Bride is a Mermaid - Much more of a comedy than anything else, there is some action in it, too though. A boy falls in a lake and accidentally becomes engaged to a mermaid who happens to be the daughter of the local Yakuza mer-people. A ton of funny references that even an anime novice will catch.
  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann - A celebration of the giant robot genre but in best way possible. Replete with memorable characters and dialogue, high action scenes and some dramatic plot points that catch you by surprise.
  • Rurouni Kenshin - A samurai tale about a "manslayer" ronin who settles down in a small town and moves into a struggling dojo. The owner and him are soon joined by others as they attempt to keep Meiji (19th Century) Japan from falling back into civil-war chaos. Lots of action with a good mix of comedy and serious drama. If you liked Bleach, you should enjoy this series.

All of the ones above are in English dub, and most of all, they have competent voice actors. As much as I would like to recommend Nadia: Secret of Blue Water, too, its dub is just plain awful. The sub (pun!) is great though and I loved every minute of it. None of these are too new though so you might want to look elsewhere, but as the saying goes "if you haven't seen it yet, it's new to you". The newest show that I enjoyed that I know has a dub is The Sacred Blacksmith. Legend of the Legendary Heroes wasn't half bad either but it lacks closure and the middle is slow.

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Code Geass, Gurrenn Lagann and Shakugan no Shana have action/drama/humour and are well dubbed (Shana's dub is a touch hit-and-miss though). Also Death Note, but not as much action/humour as the other three but still gripping and well dubbed.

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@PenguinDust: Outlaw Star, the old "classic". Man, I need to go back and watch that one again.

Regardless of the prerequisites, I always recommend Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad first. It's lacking in action, but the drama and humor are top notch. As far as i'm concerned, it's the best anime ever created.

Code Geass hasn't been for everyone, but it perfectly meets your three requests and has one of the most poignant finales in the industry.

(Opens up anime "closet")

Gurren Lagann and Outlaw Star were both previously mentioned, and I'd put my full support behind each.

Yu Yu Hakusho is pretty much what ALL of Bleach is based off of, and may be a bit better than its successor in 1/4th the number of episodes.

Trigun, FLCL, Great Teacher Onizuka, Black Lagoon, Eden of the East, Gundam Wing, Gundam Seed, Gundam 08th MS Team, Ghost in the Shell, Gankutsuou. You really can't go wrong with any of these.

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