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I am new to Anime, So, what do you peeps recommend me to start with! Shoot away! Open to anything and everything :D

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Attack on Titan
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Check out the discussion threads at #Anime Vice Discussion Threads where we have spring 2013 anime series. The popular ones right now:

  • Attack on Titan - It's like Highschool of the Dead but with Titans eating humans but no fan service. The animation is a bit like comic book style with the characters having thick outlines.
  • Flowers of Evil - Uses Rotoscoping animation which scares most viewers away, but the story is the catch here. It's about a girl that the main character doesn't like. When the girl catches the main character stealing gym clothes from a girl he likes, the girl black mails him. It's a psychological and creepy show.
  • Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet is a mech series written by Gen Urobuchi who is known for Fate Zero and Madoka Magica. It's about Ledo who is stranded on Earth after a galactic warfare with an alien race. The anime pulls you in when you want to find how the story progresses. The animation is more spectacular on Earth than in space.
  • The Devil is a Part-Timer! - is a romance and comedy series about a devil king stuck in the human world and slaving himself at MacDonalds while figuring out a way to get back to his world.
  • The Severing Crime Edge - another romance and comedy series about Kiri who is a hair cutting fanatic who meets Iwai, a Hair Queen whose long hair is cursed where it cannot be cut. Kiri get stuck protecting Iwai from serial killers who want to murder Iwai for reasons I cannot give you due to spoilers.
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Rotoscope Animation?
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@Pyrogram: Assuming you are not trolling I have a list for just this question. Pick whatever. You're welcome.

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@Jlynnana: We have a page on that type of animation: Rotoscoping. Most people I've seen find rotoscope animation ugly and that is why The Flowers of Evil is one of the most hated anime this season, if not, it is the most hated. I think rotoscoping makes The Flowers of Evil more unique and that's one of the reasons why I like it.

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@Jlynnana: @takashichea: @DocHaus: Thanks people!

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