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rate the characters of your choice (as fair as possible) using Marvel power ratings (1-7). you can use this as basis: http://marvel.com/universe/OHOTMU:Power_Grids or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:B...rs/Scratch_Page

* categories are as follows:



Energy Projection

Fighting Ability


Mental Power



Speed (Flight)



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Agility: 6

Durability: More than 6 but probably not 7

Energy Projection: 5

Fighting Ability: more than 6 but not 7

Intelligence: 3

Mental Power: 2

Reflexes: 6

Speed: 5


Strength: 7

I don't really like this scale. The power difference between the numbers is way too huge.

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Agility: 6

Durability: 4

Energy Projection:6

Fighting Ability: 5

Intelligence: 4

Mental Power:???

Reflexes: 5

Speed: 5

Speed (Flight): 5

Stamina: 7

Strength: 5

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Izayoi Sakamaki

Intelligence: 5

Strength: 7

Durability: 6

speed: 6

stamina: 7

Reflex: 6

fighting ability 7

not to found of this method but I did it anyway.

while not accurate it is somewhat close.

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Goku (DBZ)

Intelligence: 2 (as skilled and adaptable in battle he is, Goku's not the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to things not involving fighting)

Strength: 7 (easily above 100 tons with his lifting and striking feats for SSJ forms)

Durability: 6 (should at least have planet-level durability via powerscaling)

Speed: 7 (His recent SSG form gives him MFTL speeds)

Energy Projection: 5 (Ki attacks are capable of easily going for thousands of miles)

Fighting Ability: 6 (Has had several instructors he learned various forms of fighting from)

I have to agree with Kobra. Marvel's Power Grid is way too narrow in being able to properly classify the levels of characters who engage in combative scenarios.

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Accelerator (To aru Series)

Intelligence: 1 (without choker), 5-6 (original/with his choker's aid)

Strength: 2, could be augmented to 6 with vector control

Durability: 2, could be augmented to 6-7 with vector control

Speed: 2, could be augmented to 5-6 with vector control, 7(could teleport but choose not to)

Energy Projection: 4 at base with Plasma, 6 with Dark wings

Fighting Ability: 1, higher with vector control

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