Quick! Give me a name of a good short anime series!

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I admit, this is my first post here on anime vice - I found this site via GiantBomb and whiskey media in general. I wanted to start this topic on GB, but I figured you guys here know better.
I'm going on a week trip in the near future, and I've been wondering if you guys here know any anime series (preferably short) which could fit my taste.
Animes I enjoyed:
-Elfen Lied
-Dragon Ball
-Evangelion (nearing the end now)
Animes I don't like:
-One piece-ish
Animes I loved:
-Death Note
-Kaiji: the Ultimate Survivor
I admit I haven't watched many anime series, but that's mainly because I have no idea which ones to pick. I love animes (and movies, and tv series) that are more psychological and based on you going WHAT THE?!? every single episode. I don't like animes based on epic fights, and I hate the ones that are supposed to be "japanese funny", with 12 year old girls dancing and having these awful cat-like expressions... with their... hands... raised like... paws... yuck.
So if you know any animes with incredible plot twists and mindfucks, I could use your expert opinions.
Any help will be mucho appreciated.
PS.I prefer animes that have a single, developing story throughout the whole series (eg. Death Note) over the ones where every episode tells a single short adventure (eg. Pokemon).
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Hm, short anime? How short exactly?
I can list you a few 12-13 episode long series but I don't know what you consider short.
Though I read you're in the middle of watching Evangelion. Well, the ending is damn confusing there. I recommend you to watch the End of Evangelion movie straight after finishing the TV series.:)
It's essentially an alternate(more epic) retelling of the finale. If you've watched the entire Evangelion series then you sure gonna understand it.
 For plot twists, dark atmosphere and gorry action I advise you to watch Kurozuka
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Kaiba and School Days come to mind.  What did you like about Dragon Ball that you didn't like about Naruto, Bleach and One Piece?
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Angel Beats is pretty good and it's only 12 or 13 episodes long.
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Big O is a definite short anime and it is damn kool too if your into the whole james bond type bruce wayne giant robot saver of the city thing. Or perhaps Zone of the Enders
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Perhaps I should rephrase myself... the anime doesn't exactly have to be short. My priority is the psychological aspect.
Thanks to anyone who posted, feel free to add more suggestions.
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@imsh_pl: Monster. It's long (74 episodes!) but it kept me so engaged when I started it that I pretty much marathoned it. It sounded daunting to me at first (I usually prefer to stick with 12-episode anime myself) but it really drew me in. I'd say out of your list it's closest to Death Note (just on how gritty and dark it can be) but it's really one of a kind. It's probably one of the most subtly psychological anime I've watched. 
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High School of the Dead ~ 13 episodes
Devil May Cry ~ 13 episodes
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I dont have watched all these animes. Some are indications from friends of mine
For really short animes these are good
[5 epis] Golden Boy >>> Comedy + Ecchi (Really funny)
[4 epis] Cobra the Animation: The Psycho-Gun  >>> Action + Sci-Fi (reminded me of Cowboy Bebop)
[6 epis] Karas >>> Action + drama (Looks like a animated tokusatsu)
[7 epis] Freedom >>> Sci-Fi + Space
[8 epis] Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan >>> Comedy + Ecchi + a lot of blood XD

For anime with average 12 epis
[11 epis] Higashi no Eden >>> Romance + Mistery + Drama
[12 epis] Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai >>> Romance + Comedy (It's really god for a romantic shounen)
[12 epis] Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei >>> Comedy
[12 epis] Ga-Rei: Zero >>> Action + Drama + Supernatural ( Must See)
[13 epis] Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt >>> Comedy ( Must See)
[12 epis] Detroit Metal Ciry >>> Comedy + Music ( Must See)  
[12 epis] Boogiepop Phantom  

For animes that are "shorts"
[12 epis] Detroit Metal Ciry >>> Comedy + Music ( Must See)
[39 epis] Higepiyo >>> Comedy
[13 epis] Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt >>> Comedy ( Must See
[8 epis] Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan >>> Comedy + Ecchi + a lot of blood XD
For the psychological genre
[22 epis] Shiki
[24 epis] Gankutsuou ( Must See)
[23 epis] Ergo Proxy
[Movie] Akira
[Movie] Kara no Kyoukai (Watch all 7 movies)
[12 epis] Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
[12 epis] Ga-Rei: Zero  ( Must See)  
[11 epis] Higashi no Eden
[Movie] Millennium Actress
[Movie] Paprika
[Movie] Perfect Blue
[24 epis] xxxHOLIC
[74 epis] Monster
[12 epis] Boogiepop Phantom 
[24 epis] Welcome to the NHK! 
[Movie] Mind Game
[13 epis]  Serial Experiments Lain
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@lafeier: Yep, I enjoyed Perfect Blue, and want to watch Paprika as well.
Thanks everybody for the advice!
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@imsh_pl: I only watched Millenium Actress from satoshi, but i have Paprika here. Im going to watch it today =]
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Chobits is really the only short anime I can think of atm you might not like it, cant say ah well XP
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If you like psychological animes, I'd recommend Ghost Hound, Monster and Ergo Proxy!
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@imsh_pl: I second Ga-Rei Zero. It's great. Not exactly what you are looking for but the story is very engaging.
Ergo Proxy is nice too. You should try it. Cyberpunk anime with some deep questions.
Higashi no Eden: lighthearted Death Note with cell phones. Watch the movies after the series!
Monster: yeah, etalon. Johan Liebert is a legendary villain. Bit too long(70+ eps)
More later.;)
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I don't really watch much anime but there a few i enjoyed. 
Tokko -  Shindou Ranmaru has just graduated from police academy and assigned to Tokki: Special Mobile Investigation Force. On the day of his graduation, he meets the half-naked girl he has been seeing in his dreams, Rokujo Sakura. It turns out she works for a secret group within Tokki, known as Tokko: Special Public Safety Task Force. Shindou ends up joining Tokko to avenge his parents' death, and solve the mystery mass murder of residents in his hometown of Machida. Bottomless pits start to appear around Japan, and mysterious creatures emerge from them, linked to the mass murder of humans. All this to do with something called "The Box of Dirge".  
Seikon No Qwaser  -  The story takes place on the grounds of St. Mihailov Academy, a Japanese Eastern Orthodox school, and draws heavily on religious references from the aforementioned religion. Here it follows the trials and hardship of two of its students, Oribe Mafuyu and Tomo Yamanobe, until the encounter with a mysterious, silver-haired, Russian boy named Alexander, or Sasha for short. This pits them and the whole school in an all-out war between the Church itself and the so-called "Adepts", a sect of individuals wielding powers linked to the elements of chemistry. 
Shinrei Tantei Yakumo  -  Shinrei Tantei Yakumo, aka Psychic Detective Yakumo, tells a story about a college student, Saitou Yakumo who is born with different eye colors. His red left eye gives him a special ability to see ghosts and spirits. He believes ghosts and spirits are bound to earth because of a certain cause, and simply eliminating that cause will let those spirits rest in peace. Being asked for help by Ozawa Haruka, they begin the investigation together. 
There are a few others such as 
Soul eater
D gray man
Fairy tail 
Those are fairly long anime's. 

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 High School of the Dead-13 ep
 sengoku basara-12  ep
 saint seiya lost caverns-14 ep 
  gantz-13 ep
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 Do not pay attention to the guy who told you to watch Seikon no Qwaser or Tokko unless you don't have any standards at all.
If you want a decent anime that makes you go WTF? without needing to climb through mountains of characters, then try Paranoia Agent. It's a big mindfuck, made by the late Satoshi Kon, and it's only 13 episodes.
Also check out Baccano! if you want a good story with more relatable characters (it's even set in 1930s America!), but be warned it has a tendency to jump around in chronology. Stick around for the first three episodes and see if you're hooked by then.
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Watch School Days. You'll probably get it done with in a couple of days and it's dark as hell, similar to Evangelion in that it has a lot of psychologically disturbed characters. 
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@Black_Rose: That's definitely a controversial suggestion, but I second it!
Its been criticized a lot, especially for how it ends up after several of twists in development, but I feel like the way it develops provides a lot more hints about its ending than people thought of it. Maybe this is because I sort of knew what was coming (due to being told about its conclusion before I picked it up). Either way, it might start off as an average harem anime, but it quickly demonstrates why harems don't make sense at all! You can sort of tell things are going to end up wrong a few episodes through and the situations only get worse! It also has a pretty messed up protagonist who doesn't mind resigning to lust.  
It's very interesting watch!
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