Q: Do you skip intros and ending themes?

Topic started by Bigheart711 on Aug. 15, 2014. Last post by Sonata 1 month, 3 weeks ago.
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Normally, I skip intros and ending themes if I've seen them before or if I absolutely hate them. If I don't, chances are, I like the theme(s). I do check to see the previews and extra stuff in case the episode has it. Who else does (or doesn't do) this and why?

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In repeated showings of the opener and closers, I normally skip them. If it is the first time for me to see them, then I normally watch through them to see what they are like.

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I also skip both intros and endings. However if it is a new season with a new intro then i will watch it once

Post by Wraith (460 posts) See mini bio Level 17
Nope I don't skip them
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depends if i like them or not to be honest usually what ends up happening is that i enjoy the OP so i want that, yet i tend to not like ending so i skip them.

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I usually skip the ending

Post by Falbium_Asmodeus (2,438 posts) See mini bio Level 11

I usually skip both it is very rare that I will watch either

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most of the time, sometimes there are couple of mins of the episode even after the credits & it's not possible to skip those parts on certain video players online.

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Most of the time I will watch them once and skip them for the remainder of the series. That's the overwhelming majority of the time. Both the song and animation have to be really great/cool \to make me watch. The last one that did this for me was the OP for Steins;Gate.

There's a scene around 1:00 where there's like a hundred Kurisu flying past the screen and it makes me think of the Matrix scene where Neo is like, "We're going to need guns... lots of them.". The song explodes and the vocalist starts going all out at that part too.

The most current ED I did that with was the end of From the New World.

The visuals are cool and I like the song once the strings come in and even prior to that, I like how the guitar is glitchy.

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Typically, yeah. They get on my nerves

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If I'm watching a short Anime with about 12 episodes, I'll watch the entrance and ending once then only watch the first few seconds of the opening in each episode to see if they changed it for a certain special episode like what they did with Watamote and Angel Beats. If it's an anime with seasons and long running, I skip them both and don't watch them until the very end of the season to prevent spoilers. God only knows how many spoilers goes into an anime opening.

Post by Whats_out_the_bag (2,357 posts) See mini bio Level 10

Really depends on the anime. If it's some ongoing anime, then generally yes I skip them. Just to save some time.

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depends if the intro and ending is epic or not. many factors to consider. if I'm just streaming then skip to save time. sometimes there is just really some intros and endings that you really like to watch over and over again.

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Watch the intro, skip the ending. Unless the intro sucks, then i skip the intro too. Intro's are mostly too good on music to skip, though the spoilers in intro's somethimes make me not wanna watch them.

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1st Priority - If it's catchy and doesn't contain spoilers.

2nd Priority - For Crunchyroll, I watch both the intro and ending. For HULU, I skip it because of damn commercials.

The only shows I think that cram too much spoilers in their OP and ED:

  • Fairy Tail - As much I love Fairy Tail, I have to skip the OP and ED because they keep going ahead of the story with their new OP and ED. They change it frequently.
  • Valkyria Chronicles - If you haven't played the game, you see the 2nd or 3rd OP with blue flaming girls, you just got spoiled.
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Yes even if i do like the opening. I usually do this only when im watching every episode continuously.

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If I'm watching a series with an episode one after another, I'll watch through the intro the first time and then skip it for the other episodes. Same with the end themes, watch it once and then skip it for the rest of the series. Unless I really enjoy them, then they stay on.

Post by SonNeko (2,047 posts) See mini bio Level 15


If the songs are good then no.

If they are boring then yes.

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I always skip them in the first two episodes, especially when i don't know what the anime is about; i like to be surprised and themes, beginning and end, can provide subtle spoilers. By the third episode, once the series is introduced to me, i will watch them, but only once. After that, i will skip them unless they are really interesting and the music is nice, which is rare.
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If it's the first time then I'll watch it. After that I usually skip them.
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