proof that kami tenchi is omnipotent?

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does anyone have any proof other than the dimension problem, what the chousen said, and stopping the counter actor?
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Haven't you already created many threads for this?
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He's desperate to prove he isn't when the majority agrees he is...
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I'm in agreement that Tenchi is.
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@MohsinMan99 said:
"He's desperate to prove he isn't when the majority agrees he is... "

I just want proof like the author stating it.
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Here is a theory on how no single character has omnipotent dominance over all other character. I posted this before on a similar topic.

Well I can't really agree with anyone who claims any seen in the series character (not unseen) to be omnipotent. Because if their is someone who is omnipotent it sure as hell ain't anyone we seen. Kami Tenchi as I see it is only omnipotent in his verse the Tenchi-Verse (all forms of Tenchi Muyo included). If he were to fight the strongest of another verse like say Goku from the Dragon Ball series (end of GT Goku is possibly the strongest unfused character after training for 100 years after the end of the battle with Omega). For one we only know that any new version of Goku is stronger than his last seen since he always loves to train. And so it is highly likely he is stronger than in Z. However after we see him after 100 years we only know he got stronger. But we don't know how much because there is not a single piece of footage of him fighting. So he could range from a list like below.


1: Goku only got as strong as Omega in SS4.

2: Goku got as strong as Omega in base form.

3: Goku got as strong as Omega in base form at only 15% of his base maximum thus making it a cake walk for him to fight Omega.

4: Goku could nuke Galaxies (Final form of Cell could blow away a solar system as stated in the manga)

5: Goku could nuke a universe.

But when it comes to picking a fighter it is not useful to use end of GT Goku as we have no knowledge other than "He's stronger than before".

So I could say Getter Emperor. He was only planet sized but his energy began as an equal source to a big bang and quickly rose to beyond as he absorbed the infinite amount of the sentient energy known as Getter Rays and the planets thenselves (the infinite godly energy that powers the other Getter Robo's and is the very essence of evolution. It also exists within the planets. So when he finally absorbs his universe (most likely he will destroy his own universe) he will have the equivalent energy of two universes basically. And he is easily capable of manipulating space and time so he is highly likely able to enter into other dimensions. So unless they prevent him from being able to absorb planets and more energy he will continue to absorb universes until he is possibly able to star nom nom noming on a multiverse depending on it's size (he might even be able to produce infinite amounts of Getter Rays being the supreme emperor of all Getter Robos and therefore might even be master to the energy itself). There is also a noncanon version which is only noncanon in the fact that it was a part of an anthology book and therefore the feats it performed might be very likely to be capable of happening to the canon version as well. In the anthology book the emperor was fighting a god like being bigger than a galaxy similar to Kami Tenchi in size and all it took was a one hit kill from a simply punch to the head from the Emperor to smash it's head and even turn it's head into a galaxy from the way it just exploded and the way it formed into some kind of spiral (not the Spiral concepts from Gurren Lagann but a spiral) like thing. And after that we get a glimpse of the Emperor dwarfing the majority of the universe in size. So for this fight it would be hyper dimensional god vs universe devouring evolution god.

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if someone can do ANYTHING with no effort then he is omnipotent.

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He isn't omni until someone provides actual evidence. Which no-one can do.

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An omnipotent being can basically do whatever the fuck he wants, if he says that gravity is not gravity then it's not GRAVITY! That's just how it works with an omnipotent, anything he says goes... Or anything does is considered logic to his perspective. A human mind could never imagine how powerful an omnipotent being is because we aren't that smart enough to realize than an omnipotent being can do whatever the fuck he wants without no consequences. If Kami Tenchi has a limit to his omnipotent powers or consequences that follow him then he is not omnipotent, just nigh-omnipotent. The best example of an omnipotent being would be God from the Bible, One Above All, Man of Miracles. An omnipotent should be above anyone no matter how powerful they are unless they're of course another omnipotent.

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No proof only fan wanking.

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@BeyonderGod: 2 year bump. But no there is proof, Kami Tenchi created the chousin which are the Gods of the Tenchiverse, Kami Tenchi is the author self inserted into the manga. I don't see why it's fan wnaking, no more so than saying TOAA is omnipotent. Both have roughly the same amount of on panel feats.

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@BeyonderGod: Did you just nerco this crap lol.

Fine here is an explanation.


The three ultimate Goddess that live outside the multiverse and while they are outside the multiverse, it is as small as a basket ball compared to them.

Those who control the verse from outside the multiverse are megaversal in power.

Example: (Nyarlathotep from Demonbane)

(The Counter-actor)

A being that was able to deal damage to the three goddess.

She is megaversal on the grounds that her powers actually do damage to the three goddess.

This also puts her on Ny's level.


He is multiversal as he can control and move through different universes and Dimensions, but not outside of them.


Has the power to ascend outside the multiverse although he will destroy it like demonbane was doing.

Tenchi power alone was something that the Chousin could not stop for too long. (They only delayed it because Tenchi himself was in pain)

Tenchi was shown to be growing outside the multiverse.

Tenchi was able to stop the process of ascension in mere seconds all by himself.

Tenchi stopped The Counter-actor and returned her to her own timeline and took all of her power.

Everything here supports that Tenchi is omniversal because he has the power that is far superior to four Megaversal Beings from his series.

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1. No megaverse in tenchi muyo

2. No Z isn't Multiverse

3. The chousin are seriously weak

4. Counter actor wasn't a serious being

5. Kami tenchi needed a host........enough said

also omniversal? Not even close best is Universe+

as 22 dimensions? Every 3 dimension makes a universe.

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1Full Definition of OMNIVERSE

: a universe that is spatiotemporally four-dimensional

The Chousin live outside the multiverse and they even when as far as to show all of the guardians that Tokimi had watch over the 22 dimensoinal infinite universes.

D-1, D-2, D-3, D-4, D-5, D-6, D-7, D-8, D-9, D-10, D-11, D-12, D-13, D-14, D-15, D-16, D-17, D-18, D-19, D-20, D-21, D-22 (Each has near absolute authority over its respective dimensional space.)

When has Tenchi ever needed a host, they have never said that, nor was it implied.

Z is multiversal on the grounds that he traveled through every dimension, even the Chousin's second dimension.

The counter-actor was very serious and only someone who is ignorant of the story would say she was not. Misaki became the vengeful counter-actor because both her sister and husband where killed in the timeline that she and the white Tenchi had come from. Z went to the future and found her.

When has Tenchi ever needed a host, they have never said that, nor was it implied. It said that Tenchi was not ready, but that was entirely false, because Tenchi stopped the destruction in a split second by himself.

The Tenchi that appeared before The tenchi that was destroying dimensions was from the future (Shown in cannon doujins that where in fact story board material for the 3rd OVA)

The Chousin created the infinited interconnected universes. the 22 dimensional universe.

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Funny. Why Necro this?????

Tis done years ago. KAjishima himself hinted it, which he did with obvious facts and proofs.

In example: Tenchi Masaki - Kajishima: Masaki Kajishima (Name game. This is just one of the theories from the past we made, though.) God Tenchi was the stand-in for the author, and is also represented as a real character as TOAA is. (and btw, everything that is used to go against somebody's omnipotence like Tenchi's can also be used against guys like TOAA too.)

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@LHWKnight: @reiyo: The user who necroed this is no longer with us. So don't expect any reply back.

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@Dream: did you cut him off because he did just comment here yesterday. @reiyo: the dude was trolling as he does this on another sites and uses the same name.

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@LHWKnight: He had prior offenses building up that I became aware of just last night that led me to permanently ban him. I can't comment anymore than that.

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