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Persona 4 The Animation Vol. 4 DVD/BD (Feb 2012)
Persona 4 The Animation Vol. 4 DVD/BD (Feb 2012)

So anyone who's into anime on blu-ray, you know the truth. You maybe get half the stuff, that DVD does. The reason is the Yen to USD sucks, right now. Basically the Japanese license holder is afraid of reimportation of American Blu-rays into the Japanese market. Right now, America and Japan share the same region code with Blu-ray. So the other day, Sentai Filmworks announced that they are releasing Persona 4 the animation on Blu-Ray in English DUB only. It is 10 bucks cheaper, from $69.99 to $59.99. The DVD will have Subs and the Dub as well.

Is this the work around, that makes everyone happy? Does this solve the issue.

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It's not only the dollar to yen conversion rate, but the fact that over in Japan the series is sold in multiple sets with very few episodes for an insanely high price.
I'm unsure if Atlus are involved at all in this decision (Most likely not), but with fan reaction towards them and the region locking of Persona 4 Arena this was pretty expected.
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I never had any desire to watch or buy this series, but if it was something I cared about, I'd much rather wait a few months or a year to get a real release than something gimped like this. This reminds me of how Kurokami was handled. I enjoyed that show a lot and half way through it's broadcast, they began to dub the simulcast so I actually got used to hearing it in English, but I'm not buying an English only anime.

@Petiew: How was a video game being region locked a clear sign that people should expect an anime release from an to be dub only? Region locked games happen all the time yet anime releases are very rarely dub only.

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You are totally right, Japan uses a multidisc format similar to the way DVDs were release here in the early to mid 2000's. Quite a few Japanese distributor are afraid of losing the market to importation (though the fact that the fans are willing to re import it, tells me they know they are not getting a great product). That model no longer works in America, we just will not buy it.

I would much rather them just release the show on DVD, the right way, and wait until they can put out a blu-ray proper. This is for the group that does not care about dvd or double dipping . The way Funimation has been doing it. I am starting to think this may just be a testing out of the market. Because, unlike alot of Sentai dubs this has so much of the games actors in it, so that fan group will buy it, they want to see if the market would prefer it this way, rather than waiting the year or 2 for a proper release.

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@sickVisionz: Persona 4 Arena is the first PS3 ever to be region locked, it was done specifically by Atlus to stop reverse importation since the American version features both full Japanese Audio and written Japanese text.
There have already been issues with companies not releasing Blurays so I figured in this instance, looking at both examples, it was likely that the bluray release either would see a massive delay or no release at all. Though I didn't expect dub only.
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I need to really beat the game so I can watch this. >_< Bet it would look beautiful on Blu-Ray.

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