Own any art books? I do!

Topic started by Void_Wizard on April 11, 2009. Last post by Lan 5 years, 11 months ago.
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I bought some new ones the only ones that aren't pictured here is my 2 Noizi Ito art books and a Zero no Tsukaima one. In order right to left and below they are:  4 Zero no Tsukaima art books(5 images), Megami Super Deluxe, Rightstuf catalog thrown in, Saber Portraits art books(4 images posted), and last but by far the best, is the Tinkle Byakuya Chakai rare art book(7 images posted).

If you own any anime/manga art books make sure to share them.
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OOoooooooooohhhhh.... yeah, I didn't notice this post.

Preeeettttyyyyy.... I wish I had money I could spend on nice things like these right now...
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Not taking pictures but I own quite a few.

My favourites would be Yoshiyuki Sadamouto's Der Mond (eva), The Nana art book, Kingdom Hearts Visual Collection (teh manga), Angel Sanctuary art book 1, Persona 3 ground works, all the clamp shit, and my getbackers artbook. Some are english editions, some are japanese. I have others but i'll be bothered to list.
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The only artbooks I own are Der Mond (signed by Tiffany Grant and Matt Greenfield), Gundam Wing Complete Operations (an insane amount of info on the show and interesting collection of art pieces done by the various artists of the show; for example, there's one piece where the background designer did his own rendition of Wing Zero in pastel), and some issues of Megami magazine including Megami Deluxe vol 1 if that counts. I'm hoping to get vol 2 sometime, and that Saber artbook too....
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I only own one artbook-- Tsubasa Album de Reproductions. I would like to own more though.
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