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I just started the show, And I love it, it's so funny. At first I found it kind of awkard.  What I mean is when those two twins looked like they were about to liplock with each other.... I (and other people) thought they were gay.  
At first I thought it was some cheap anime when Haruhi's voice sounded like a girl, which made me mad and especially when Haruhi was searchin for his (her) wallet and then Tamaki jumped in. It actually surprised me, since he seemed like a pain in the ass.  I know this may seem pathetic but, I felt some emotion. (Wow I can't believe I just said that.) But anyways, in that scene the way Haruhi looked at him, of course you know what I thought, 
Haruhi: staring at the dude 
Me: I this show for...... 
But then later on in the episode they revealed that "he" was a "she". And THAT made me feel so much comfortable. But one thing still bothered me... 
Those twins...like that's abnormal. Two brothers looking like they were about to fu- 
Anyways, I still found it a good show, but that is only my 1ST episode and I have more to watch. I'll try to review each episode I watch. 
Good buy, 'til next time!
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Ouran HHC is one of my favourite animes :D I just cant get enough of Tamaki XD lol  
 I kinda find the twins thing a bit awkward too O_o
But all in all its a comedy-packed anime which will crack you up in every episode :D 
(lol XD naaa it doesnt seem pathetic XDD you could say I kinda felt some emotion when Tamaki helped Haruhi find the wallet too  :P)
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I LOVE HHC LOL  the twins are my favorite, there yoai moments get better and better as the anime goes on xD but i like the main character the most even though she looks cuter as a boy xD
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I think they like to commit "twincest" 
get it? Incest. twINCEST. 
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I really don't think the issue is that they might be gay, it really should be that they're siblings.  But I can assure you they're faking it. 
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I love Ouran! Banzai Honey-Senpai!!!! Kill'em all!

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... but it's impossible to watch, nothing MAKES SENSE! >_<

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I always have the hardest time explaining Ouran without making it sound really weird. I love it though.

@DCypher: Making sense is overrated :P You ever watch Nichijou or Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei? Nothing in those shows makes any sense at all and it is glorious.

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@jewl122: As far as shoujo stories go I found Ouran to be pretty amusing at times, but good luck finding the manga anywhere now.

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