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I got kinda bored of it fast. Make no mistake that I love the intro theme as the vocals really intrigued me (sorry that's one thing about me. I'm heavy into music so ...yeah...OST's for days lol) and got up to the *SPOILER ALERT* point where the girl falls down the stairs and gets the umbrella stabbed through her neck *END SPOILER* which is where I started to build a lot more intrigue, but it just sort of drags to me; feels like the energy comes in unexpected spurts....so I switched to Infinite Stratos which I'm loving so far.

IDK, something tells me that I should still give Another a chance (could it be the theme song? lol). Kind of doesn't help that I've been watching an episode at 5:00am, but can anyone vouch for this anime?

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You absolutely should. That energy coming in unexpected spurts is called tension and suspense. I like that when someone isn't dying, it's subdued. Makes a nice change from a lot of anime just throwing everything in your face at once. Also, I don't feel that it drags at all. It's only a 12 episode series, if it were to drag nothing would get done.

Still, of course, this is all opinions and if you're in it just for the violence then maybe it's not for you.

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@XTREEMMAK: I can vouch that I enjoy it, although I find the regurgitated ALI Project theme to be terrible, but I think you should drop it. If you saw up to the umbrella death and didn't enjoy it, then you probably won't like the rest of it since it keeps the same tone and the content falls in line with what you've seen so far.

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I have to disagree that the spurts are tension but then again to each his own I guess. Think I may take sickVisionz advice and sit this one out. IDK, maybe it's just not my time to watch this..or maybe it's just not my taste. Though I do like similar pieces, one in particular Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. It could be arguable that they are both different styles I guess.

Thanks for the feedback guys!

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