Not your Favorite Anime, But Your First

Topic started by gia on Oct. 4, 2008. Last post by GeneralVan 1 month, 2 weeks ago.
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I can't remember which, but mine was either Dragonball or Dragonball Z on Toonami, though at the time I though of them as just cartoons. My real gateway anime ended up being Naruto, years later.
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Mine was Sailor Moon. I know I fell for that one like any other elementary school kid. I had the dolls, toys, posters, and a bunch of other merchandise.

And now I have no idea where these things are now sadly.
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UH, Pokemon
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I guess Sailor Moon was the first I remember seeing on tv (though it came on at a really ungodly hour iirc). However, the first one I actually watched seriously I can not remember. It was either Pokemon or DBZ. Either way those 2 are what got me loving the stuff.
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gia said:
"coonce said:
"My first anime (and don't call me a noob) - was actually the Animatrix DVD. I really liked how each story was done by a different artist and had a completely different take on the Matrix story."
Have you watched the AniBatrix (AKA Batman: Gothic Knight)? It's the same concept (six shorts by different animation studios/writers/etc) but set in the Batman universe instead of the Matrix. It's pretty good.
i have gotham knight but have yet to watch it. I have it on Blu ray and im waiting to get a new HD tv after xmas to watch it. is it really that good?

as for the topic in question first anime i saw was when i was a kid and it was the Fist of the North Star movie. thought it was amazing
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my first was The Moomins, even though it was co-produced in Finland O__o.
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My very first anime?

Probably Gundam Wing or Voltron

Yeah, Voltron more than likely
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Wait one can forget Thunder Cats ;D
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Inuyasha was my first Anime. Well Actually it might have been Dragon Ball Z I cant rightly remember. xP
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Either Pokemon or Dragonball Z. I forget which. My big brothers would watch DBZ and I liked it a lot...but I might've watched Pokemon before. Not sure.
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I may have seen some before, but the first I remember strongly was Star Blazers / Yamato.  I think I saw that before I saw Leiji's other creation...  Still waiting for that to come up.
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Fist of the North Star.

Every Friday night/Saturday morning on Starz when I was a kid.

It reamins one of my favorites today. Because it never lost its awesome.
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I don't remeber it's gotta be one among these Tenchi Muyo,Gundum Wing,Speed racer,Voltron,or DBZ.
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ZOIDS! I thought it was the best thing in the world.


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I think Akira was my first
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I never got into Akira v.v

When I saw the part with his insides falling out, I just said to myself: "....well thats enough now". Rofl
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The old stuff on Nikelodeon like puss and boots which was primarily done in a hayao miyazaki style, as well as little bits, Which lead to other shows mostly from blockbuster i was never into it for the most part just watched,  ronin warriors on tv, sailor moon which i watched simply cause it was on.

I feel out of favor with anime about the mid 90's realizing most of it wasn't any different then other anime, so i stuck mostly to high budget productions, and hayao miyazaki stuff.

*feels old* there are earlier animes i watched but its all ready starting to date my self and my age with the old nikelodeon stuff.
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I'm pretty sure my first was Escaflowne. I was, like, 5, so most of it probably went over my head and I can't remember it.

Either that, Pokemon, or DBZ (none of which I still watch).
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I started watching pretty much all the toonami shows around the same time. DBZ, Sailor Moon, digimon(was def my favorite as a kid). stuff like that
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