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The first one Vampire Knight is good too 
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Wow. I will look them all up. 
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I can recommend Baccano to just about anyone provided they don't mind blood and gore.  (It's funny, exciting, clever, well-written, and has great characters.  It's also not nearly as gory as Elfen Lied).  Cowboy Bebop and Trigun also helped me get into anime, as did Full Metal Alchemist.  Be warned about Baccano though, the first episode is extremely confusing.  Ghost in the Shell is more for hardcore sci-fi lovers, but it's still a great classic and I know a lot of people who have gotten into anime because of it.  Ouran High School Host Club is a good comedy (I don't personally like it but I know lots of people who do, especially girls).  Vision of Escaflowne, Moribito, and 12 Kingdoms also have classic fantasy feels to them, if that's the sort of thing you're into.  Black Lagoon is also a good one to help ease into anime as it appeals to a lot of Western audiences, but again, you have to be okay with violence and swearing.  If you want something sophisticated and thought-provoking, definitely check out Kino's Journey and Wolf's Rain. 
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Well, I'd pick Trigun and Deathnote as my choices for anyone new to anime.
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This is an incredibly helpful forum, most people when you ask them what is a good anime to get into they just rattle off either their favorite (not always appropriate for beginners) or what they are watching currently, and normally without any further explanation other than, "Watch this, it is good", so thanks for this

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To a person who is new to the anime world, my recomendation will always be Hunter X Hunter, my other recommendations are more advanced

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Hey guys! I'm definitely new to anime but my friend recommended I start off watching Onigamiden (Legend of the Millennium Dragon), especially since it just came out in Blu-Ray here in the US. I thought it was great!

What did you guys think about it?

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The Studio Ghibli films work great as "gateway-animes". I have gotten plenty of people hooked trough them.

As mentioned before Fullmetal Alchemist (NOT Full Metal) Is fantastic. Id say watch both versions, as brotherhood follows the original story written In the manga, but The first anime Is great in its own rights and handles the opening better. (Brotherhood rushes trough what was the same as the manga in the original and then goes of into greatness at around.. episode 13(?)

Cowboy bebop as well.

Those are my two favorite animes and what I see as the BEST animes ever made.. sooooo.. yeah, should check em.

other then that, just go with whatever people have been saying. It all tdepends what you are into. As My blog says, I am sorta not into allot of new stuff and have been spoiled by the great shows of the past.. :P

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Vampire knight

DN ANgel

Hitman Reborn

Code geass

prince of tennis

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To me, "Record of the Lodoss War" though an older title, stands the test of time as a classic anime. Everything about it is perfect, in a way no other anime can ever touch. I also am following "Guilty Crown" now, so new it's coming out one or two episodes a week, I highly recommend it.

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Any Ghibli movie would be good, as well as Death Note and FMA. I've always thought one of the long-running shonen series (Bleach, Naruto, One Piece) is a fairly good way to get into it. They tend to have a broad appeal and to a newcomer they aren't boring and tired like they can become to those of us who've been watching for longer. I would be reluctant to pick a series that has a lot of fanservice, although I guess that would depend on the person you are trying to initiate.

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As far as being new to anime, if said person is from the USA probably Outlaw Star, Trigun or Cowboy Bebop.

What got me into it was Evangelion, then I watched Death Note and became an instant fan of anime after those too alone.

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Best way is to watch two series at a time, just for the variety.

I remember the first time i started watching anime as a recommendation from my mate.

High School of the Dead, i managed to watch the whole thing, however i hated it... every two seconds i was forced to look up a skirt when i was trying to watch something compelling and well, fantastic.

The second series i watched, after a while of convincing that all anime wasn't like HSOTD (yeah i shortened it) was Death Note and it was, well check my review if you wanna know how amazing it was because i can't say in a few words (cannot guarantee spoiler free), but yeah after that i was hooked, but aever since then i always like to keep an anime on the side, so if i plan to watch a series from scratch i'll still have my on going anime like Mirai Nikki, Naruto Shippuden, Bleach, Gintama, Brave 10 and a lot more.

Good luck, make you're first one count ;) x

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@Blaopink: I'm not saying Anime like HSOTD is bad, I just feel like it shouldn't be someones introductory anime or Ikkitousen for that matter.

kinda makes me wonder what anime you wouldn't want to show a newbie. Don't really want to create a new thread for it though.

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mabye Trigun or Inuyasha

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I have to say I'm a big sci-guy, so Robotech being that its one of my first anime that I watch a lot of. Nothing better in my book then fighterjets that transform into mechs lol. Oh and their some drama too never hurts to round it out :P

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Now and Then, Here and There

That is a great anime, underrated in my opinion

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@tacosRcool: Now that is a good one!

Also, I started off properly with Blue Exorcist. It does have swearing, but it is great!

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My first Anime was Bleach which is one of my very faves to this day! Then Naruto death note inu yasha dragon ball z then .hack and blue exorcist. Bleach: it's a supernatural and action packed fantasy with lovable characters! It really gets you thinking about the after life! It gets five stars out of five!!! Naruto: the Anime is a little more goofy and silly than the manga but I love both! It's a bright story about a young ninja named Naruto who wants to become the next Hokage. He won't stop for anything- even deadly opponents Blue Exorcist: Surprisingly this is not a very dark Anime just a little. It's about a Teenage boy who realizes he's a demon. It's a lot better than it sounds because it's hard to explain the story! :) Death note: this is a darker anime... It's very twisting and mind bending with scary, lovable and insane characters! .Hack:this is like an RPG game in a manga. It's an adventure of a sister and brother who play the most advanced online video game ever created. They meet friends and explore as well as run into dangerous foes as the game goes corrupt. It a very unique manga!
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@Jewel: Haibane Renmei nice slow but gets strange and moving. Only problem would be that it would set the bar so high nothing else would come close.

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