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 @Theresonlyone said:

" Hey, i've recently had some time to watch a metric ton of anime (unemployment FTW) and i've been devouring series after series now i'm at a loss on what to watch. Can anyone give me some advice?  I've watched Elfenlied Gantz (Damn you're ending) Death Note Mnemosyne Black Lagoon  Cheers for any help :D "

I personally love Cowboy Bebop. You could also try Hell Girl. Hell Girl kinda gets repetitive if you watch it all at once, but, it keeps you guessing, I liked it all in all. Here are some others that I liked. It's hard to choose because their all good in there own respect:
Blue Gender (Series)
Blue Seed (Series)
Neon Genesis Evangelism (Series)
Appleseed(Movie-4 of them)
Gurren Lagann (Series)
M.D. Giest(Movie-2 parts) 
Monster(Excellent Mystery Series, you'll not want to stop watching)
Gundam Complication(I say complication because I love each of the series sets equally, although I got into Gundam Wing better)
Tenchi Muyo Complication(Although if you if you don't read up on it IMHO you'll get a little confused, because each series was done differently)
Love Hena(OMG this was so awesome. lol Not one for love flicks, but this is just great to watch, lots of laughs!) 
Dead Leaves(Movie-really bizarre)
Final Fantasy Unlimited(Series-cut short IMO)
Now And Then, Here And There(Series)
Outlaw Star(Series)
Dragonball and Dragonball Z(Series- You could add DBZ-GT to that, but I just didn't agree with it at all. Was flashy but... :/  )
Fushigi Yuugi(Series)
Ninja Scroll(Movie)
Street Fighter 2 V(Hey, c'mon, it's nostalgic! lol) Series
Street Fighter Animated Movies-  'Alpha', 'Alpha Generations', and 'II - The Animated Movie', and most recently, 'IV the movie', that came with 'The Legend of Chun-Li' DVD
Tekken-The Motion Picture(Movie, heh)
Sword for Truth(Movie)
FLCL(Manga and anime are both great)

This is lengthy list, so I would probably take my time watching them. All these I have watched, on top of what you've listed, over the course of my life of course, heh. There are more that I am listing, but I haven't watched them yet.
Excel Saga
Detroit Metal City
Soul Eater
Riding Bean(Series 1 Episode- Gunsmith Cat's anime series followed in it's quake as a prequel) As I said though, haven't watched it. 

Now, Naruto... Well, I've watched every movie and episode to date, but only because I watch it with a friend of mine that loves it. Personally, the anime version was ok, but the manga Shippuden isn't so much that good, imo though, 'cause I know a lot of people like it. And Bleach.. I like the opening, but didn't particularly like it. :/
Sorry to be long winded and there's some I know I've missed and haven't thought of, but I hope that contributes to your adventures!
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Aside from big name must-see's; Cowboy bebop, Trigun, FLCL etc. I recommend the fantastically good series "Kino's Journey. Baccano! Haruhi Suzimiya, Desert Punk, and Bakemonotagari are excellent as well.
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well you started off with a Hentai (Porn) of course you would be turned off lol
I don't like Battle Angel Alita cause of the Gore but it's still a good Anime. 
I think every person has started off with Sailor Moon.
Now it would be Naruto yuck...
I would reccomend Bleach or Appleseed.
I don't really know about New...depends on the person and there Intelligence or Concentration level. 
Black Lagoon maybe.
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Hey guys! 
I just finished watching the entrie Gantz anime (long, long session!) and I enjoyed it quite a bit (ending is still burning me though) 
I'm an anime noobie, with the only series I've watched from start to end are Gantz, Death Note and Elfen Leid. I really love the setting of all these shows (kind of current day, realistic?) I was wondering if I could grab a few recommendations on another series I could get into. I loved the psychological elements of death note, I really want to have another show make my jaw drop at how cleaver it is.  
Thanks :) 
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Action/Fighting/Martial Arts
Naruto: Though I could argue with you over the quality, this is definitely a show that gets people into anime. 
Dragon Ball Z: If you haven't seen it before, this is a MUST SEE anime. People that aren't even anime fans like this show. 
Gundam Wing: This is most people's favorite Gundam series. And if you're a girl, it has attractive male characters. 
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Naruto is a good anime to start with
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I agree with those who said Cowboy bebop,even my mother likes it and she hates anime. 
 anyways these are also good but it really depends on that your into. 
  • Romeo x Juliet 
  • Black lagoon  
  • d.gray man 
  • Samurai 7 
  • Grenadier 
  • ikki tousen 
  • Fullmetal panic 
  •  GTO
  • witchblade
  • pandora hearts
  • one piece 
  • Tenjou Tenge
  • Wolf s rain
  • prince of tennis
  • black blood brothers
  • Bleach
  • Gundam seed & destiny
  • Chobits
  • Inuyasha
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There are so many to choose from i don't know what to say.
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@Jewel: i recommend love hina
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if you're new you need to watch first easy to understand anime's 
but it depends on you're taste, try looking for the genres or try filtering
them at anime season.
but just then i recommend
tora dora
school rumble 
clannadlove hina
i preffer these because my intererestsis romance

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I picked Perfect Blue as mine... big mistake.
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@Jewel: Ok, if you like romance go for Ouran high Host Club.  I also suggest Kaza no Stigma if you like magic and that kind of stuff. Code Geass and Code Geass R2 are also some of my faves, along with Beach, Soul Eater, D.Grey Man, and When they Cry. (Higarashi) 
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these are some of the good animes ive seen
soo i recommend 
  • chobits
  • tora dora
  • death note
  • shakugan no shana
  • clannad
  • maid sama
  • lucky star
  • k -on!
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You think that movies who won oscar are the best?
Go see Spirited Away
You like movies like Fast and Furious?
Go see Initial D
You like funny cartoons?
Go see Panty and Stocking
You like comedy, but dont know anything about Japan?
Go see Panty and Stocking or Detroit Metal City
You like comedy, and want to know things about Japan?
Go see Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
You like classic literature?
Go see Gankutsuou or Romeo x Juliet
You are fan of japonese classic movies?
Go see Samurai 7 or Yojimbo
You like soccer?
Go see Giant Killing
You like boxe?
Go see Hajime no Ippo or Ashita no Joe
You like tennis?
Go see Prince of Tennis
You like football?
Go see Eyeshield 21
You like baseball?
Go see Major or One Outs
You like vampires?
Go see Hellsing Ultimate
You like cuty animals?
Go see Hamtaro or Higepiyo
You like romance?
Go see Lovely Complex
You like comics?
Go see Iron Man or Batman: Gotham Knight
You like tokusatsu?
Go see Karas or Casshern Sins 
You like RPG?
Go see Tales of
You like westerns?
Go see Trigun
You like sci-fi?
Go see GITS
You like Visual Novels?
Go see Clannad or Ef
You like music?
Go see Beck
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My first anime that got me really into it was Clannad. A nice story that has universal appeal, with a bit of humour thrown in. I would also recommend Angel Beats, because is just as great if not better.
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It sounds like you've got some good advice already but my friend was in the same situation and she really liked the movies I suggested. I would watch light anime like Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, Ponyo, and then start watching series like Avatar, InYuasha, Fullmetal Alchemist. Then start getting into the heart of it like Akira, Cowboy Bebop, Final Fantasy Advent Children, Vampire Hunter D and just about everything all these good people said to! I hope you love it.
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@Michiru said:
" well you started off with a Hentai (Porn) of course you would be turned off lol "
I get half my anime recommendations from XXX image boards. Just sayin'.
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i agree with full metal alchemist, to start with.
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@yorro: Thanks! I m going to look them up! I am new to anime. 
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@Black_Rose: very interesting list. i m forwarding to look it up. 
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