Neon Genesis Evangelion or Rebuild of Evangelion?

Topic started by KingOfAsh on March 10, 2013. Last post by EVA_01 9 months, 3 weeks ago.
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  • Neon Genesis Evangelion
  • Rebuild of Evangelion
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Which one do you prefer? I prefer Rebuild, as I saw it first and Neon Genesis seemed to drag out a lot in the second half. Not to mention I was not to keen on End of Evangelion...


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Neither. Prefer manga adaptation over both.

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@Dream said:

Neither. Prefer manga adaptation over both.


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The original. What I like about the new ones is based off of the originals and I don't think I'd hold the franchise to the heights that I do if I'd only seen the new ones. Crazy to me to hear that someone thinks the original drags in the second half. That's when it kicks into high gear imo.
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Guess I'll play the role of nitpicker from what I mentioned above.

Rebuild and the original series have some pretty significant flaws for me that hurt their quality for me. In Rebuild's case, the series is a bit more positive in its depiction of its characters (Shinji being less angsty, Asuka more likeable, Rei more human, etc...) yet it is lacking in depth to a great extent compared to the original series.

The problem with the original series for me is that the director (Anno) seems too intent in spinning his nihilist beliefs into the series where it gets difficult to relate to characters because they continue to be pathetic mental messes that don't grow out of their angst traps and the title's habit of slapping any kind of hopeful moment away to leave the characters as they are and build up to its infamous ending. The direction of the series also has its questionable moments that hurt its quality in later episodes (most notable, wasting the final two TV episodes for psych evaluations of the cast) and had some decent-sized plot holes with elements to its plot.

The reason I prefer the manga as the better adaptation of Eva is because it takes the better elements of both (TV anime's depth and Rebuild's more positive depictions) and combines them to create a more engaging story. Shinji still has his emotional baggage from Gendo's neglect, but is more relateable since he's become a bitter, angry youth thanks to his father. Rei's character has her growth as she comes to realize her growing humanity and establishes a bond with Shinji as the manga progresses. Asuka still has elements to her bitchy persona from the anime, but elements of her past are revealed early enough in the manga to reveal she has her own dilemmas as well. Essentially, the major characters come to get some sort of growth throughout the manga (unlike the TV anime) and while still having its harsh moments with depicting the TV anime's events (even having some alterations in events to shake things up), it is nowhere as nihilist as Anno's direction of the TV anime.

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I will choose once the fourth movie comes out.

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2.0 is a masterpiece on par with the original series and movies, 1.0 is also good, sadamoto manga is as well, hell the spinoff/alt. world mangas are enjoyable in their own right.
The only good thing I can say about 3.0 is its visually pleasing, that is all.
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Unfortunately, I Have Neither Read The Manga Or Watched The Movies. To me, while the original series and just evangelion as a whole holds a special place,there are things I didn't like such as the plot holes and the lore that left so much unexplained. 
Post by EVA_01 (3,339 posts) See mini bio Level 14
And what ticked me off a bit, was that a very major part of the lore was revealed in a spin-off game that nearly no one played.
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