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Summer Holidays here in Aus and I'm out of anime to watch, burned through my backlog this year, had some fantastic experiences and then just outright hated (but persevered) with others. I've got a small list of stuff below that I've seen if people could recommend something in vein of these maybe?

Seen and Enjoyed

  • Death Note (LOOOOOOVED THIS)
  • FMA & FMA Brotherhood
  • Samurai Champloo
  • Cowboy Bebop
  • Code Geass (This was awesome)
  • Avatar the Last Airbender (not "anime" persee but nickelodeon did a good job its a cool cartoon)
  • Ghost in the Shell

Seen and Hated

  • Claymore (if that kid said Clare one more time in that series I would probably have thrown my TV out the window)
  • Fate/Stay Night (First two seasons made me cry, that kid was so annoying, Fate/Zero was better because the main character wasn't a big wimp and Gilgamesh is awesome).
  • Elfen Leid (Didn't finish this, saw the first ep and a bit and was just like WTF)

Seen and Meh

  • Full Metal Panic (fairly childish and not a huge fan of mech stuff...)
  • Gundam00 (was pretty cool but mech stuff bores me a bit)


  • Studio Ghibli Stuff (some was cool, some was eh but ok watches anyway)
  • FMA Movies (pretty cool)
  • Ghost in the Shell Movies (I think the first was really only the good?)
  • Akira (I know it's a classic but meh)
  • Cowboy Bebop (was OK).

I've been given a movie called Paprika by a mate that I haven't seen yet as well as Blood the Last Vampire so I'll be watching those soon.

There might be more on these lists but this is the stuff I can remember. I really LOVED Death Note and Code Geass probably because they had really good stories and character relationships moreso than other stuff I have watched. I'd definitely like to watch something that has an equally involved story as those two. Ahh anything that isn't super mech heavy would be nice (they can be in there, Code Geass had them after all) but not sure I need another Gundam any time soon. I realise some anime is "childish" but nothing too kiddy after watching Fate/Stay and then Avatar back to back I feel I need something a little more "mature". Thanks!

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Try Monster, it a mature anime (one of the greats)

Also Rainbow is pretty good

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