Need help with the names of these animes movies!

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ALRIGHT so I'm trying to remember these two anime movies that I watched like ten years ago. This is going to be a pretty vague and bad description and the second movie might actually be two movies that I have scrambled together in my head but I need some answers pals. It's simply killing me inside.

The first one's main character is a boy. It starts out in some big city with a resistance faction fighting versus some crazy military guys in gas masks. I distinctly remember them looking like men with wolf heads, and glowing red eyes kind of like in Jin Ro. The resistance sets off some huge bomb in the city, and the boy flees the city, and meets some girl that he has to protect (dunno why exactly). I vaguely remember them with said resistance faction flying over the desert in some sort of ship and getting attacked by the bad/military guys. They wind up capturing the girl, and tying her down in a chair, and digging around in her forearm to pull out a vein that is actually a vine or plant of some sort. I remember this movie being pretty gory, and having watched a third of Jin Ro thinking it would be this movie, I don't think it is.

Second movie is like a house of all women/girls that are a part of some crazy group of powerful magical type fighter peoples, or witches... or something.. heh. They teleport between earth and some weird reality where their base of operation is maybe?? Also remember some sort of monolith or tower floating down from space to earth and threatening to destroy the planet but that's the part that could be a third movie.


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