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I need to know a good cyberpunk anime to watch. I've seen Akira, and am saving Bubblegum Crisis and GITS for later.

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The only thing that comes to my mind is Serial Experiments Lain. Though, I haven't watch it in a long time, and it was a such an abstract anime show. I'm not sure if you'll like it if you're looking for Cyberpunk anime with action.

It was about Lain, a gifted girl, who is immersed in the WIRED which is like the internet. Due to her involvement with the WIRED, she is reclusive from her family and friends at school. I think the anime was about the conflict between Lain and her struggle to choose between living in the material world or in the WIRED.

I think and have a better synopsis for Lain and some Cyberpunk anime shows to recommend.

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Lain is pretty much that, we have to take in account the time it came out (1998) the Internet as we know it today was taking his first steps, and people sometimes wondered how this "new" thing would changes us socially and our relations to technology, i think even now with this social network boom and the power of the internet the effects are pretty much present although in a slitely different way.

After watching bubblegum crisis, you could give a try to AD. Police and Parasite dolls, they all take place in the same universe, although i didn't really enjoy bubblegum nor AD Police but Parasite Dolls is pretty good imo.

Other title you could try is Texhnolyze (i'm a little biased because its one of my all time favorites) i admit it's not for everyone but it's great in dealing with cyberpunk thematics.

Also check out Battle Angel Alita, Metropolis, Neo Tokyo and Ergo Proxy

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Are there any Cyberpunk mecha anime?
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