Need a new anime soon.. suggestions?

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I'm pretty new to anime, always been interested but It took me years to take the step in.
So Far I've watched:
Fullmetal Alchemist & Brotherhood
Death Note
Code Geass
Urotsukidoji (every mind-scarring minute i could find)
Initial D 
A few other random series' too insignificant to remember
Some shit called Chi's sweet home about a cat.. ignore this one
Could anyone suggest me a few animes to watch when I'm finished Brotherhood?
Something similar to any of the above titles would be great but different stuff is welcome. 
Mature, funny, maybe violent.. etc
I prefer English Dubbed, as long as it is well done, ie Code Geass/FMA otherwise i don't mind
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This is a list I made with all the anime I´ve watched already and all the anime I still want to see:
 The ones I´ve watched come with a small description. Anyway the best one till now is GURREN LAGAAN. 
Post by Superevil225 (6,742 posts) See mini bio Level 17
Great Dubs:
Darker Than Black
Black Lagoon
Not dubbed/bad dub but still good:
Fate/Stay Night
Post by InfiniteGeass (527 posts) See mini bio Level 12
I thought the Gurren Lagann dub was pretty good. You should try checking that out.
Post by PenguinDust (1,009 posts) See mini bio Level 13
Check out 
Eureka Seven,  
Last Exile,   
Yu Yu Hakusho,
Martian Successor Nadesico,  
Witch Hunter Robin,   
Macross Zero,  
Blue Submarine No. 6,  
Blue Seed,  
Samurai Champloo,  
Desert Punk  

and eventually Neon Genesis Evangelion with the additional OVA End of Evangelion.  
I saw all these in English before I saw them again in Japanese.  I don't remember finding the dubs particularly cringe worthy.  
If you like racing anime, you might want to check out Cyber Formula: Future GPX, although I don't believe it's available in English dub (sub only).
Post by DocHaus (938 posts) See mini bio Level 18
Check this list, see if anything here suits your fancy.
Post by Gaff (213 posts) See mini bio Level 11
@PenguinDust Just a quick aside, but Macross Zero got an English release? I thought it was still stuck in licensing hell.
Post by takashichea (16,565 posts) See mini bio Level 25
Fairy Tail
Soul Eater
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Quite a few names there I recognize from my friends talking about them,.
I've heard good things about Fairy Tail and Darker than Black, and a few other ones. 

Will start watching a couple of them while I wait for FMA: Brotherhood to release more Dubs
Thanks everyone, I'll try to post here more often.
Post by PenguinDust (1,009 posts) See mini bio Level 13
@Gaff:  You are probably right.  I think I was confusing it with Macross II.  Sometimes it's hard to keep things straight from memory alone.
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It has a solid English dub and might be right down your alley if you like having your mind blown.
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Cowboy Bebop had a very solid dub I feel, and was a pretty quality series. 
I really liked Jigoku Shoujo, but there's no dub as far as I know.  
Post by N7_Normandy (36 posts) See mini bio Level 9
speed grapher
Samurai 7 
Kaze no Stigma
Post by KerlyFries (5 posts) See mini bio Level 9
Soul Eater and D-Grey Man, awesome animes with a pretty soild storylines. Although not too sure about the dubs at the moment.
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@Random_Hero: If you've seen FMA, I advise you FMA:Brotherhood. Like the other but even better. You can the first 9-10 episodes or so since they mainly the same as the oldr FMA. But from then on the show branches off from the "original"(actually Brotherhood is much more true to the original source, the manga) and becomes awesome.:)
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